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AI Wireless Coverage Solution

AI Wireless Coverage Solution

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I. Key problems in wireless coverage

· Coverage is not comprehensive, no signal can be found in the corner.

· The signal is unstable and often drop off.

· After using for a period of time, the network speed is slow and the download is slow.

· Browse WeChat/social media and watch live video, network gets stuck.

II . Solution

III . Solution value

· Panel AP + ceiling AP combination for wireless full coverage

HORED offers two different installation methods of AP: ceiling type and panel type. Panel AP is suitable for: advanced king room, family suite. Ceiling AP is suitable for: lobby, corridor, single room, standard room. You can choose a suitable AP of stronger carrying or less carrying for coverage based on the service scenario to ensure full wireless coverage.

· AI PoE+ hardware watchdog solves network disconnection, automatic restart + PoE customizing working time

After the hotel AP is used for a period of time, it will be stuck and not connected. It is because that the cache generated by the device’s work affects the working state of the device. HORED AP supports automatic restart. The administrator can set the AP to automatically restart when it is idle, or set the access switch POE working time to restart the AP under each port to make the AP work optimally.

·  AI unified configuration, centralized management, management functions

HORED AC (Wireless Controller) can automatically discover all HORED APs, and could configure and manage the APs uniformly.

· Data isolation to protect guest data security

The office network can use the hardware DMZ interface on the router to completely isolate the office network from the guest network.

All switches support rich VLAN features.

Supports SSID and VLAN binding, and uniformly divides wireless network permission to ensure network security.

The wireless AP can isolate the APs internally, to isolate different users connected to the same AP and ensure data security of each user.

The wired network uses PPPoE authentication, and the wireless uses Web authentication / WeChat authentication, standardize hotel network use.

The egress router supports the PPPoE server to implement access authentication for the wired network and prevent unauthorized access.

The AC supports multiple user access authentication modes such as MAC authentication, Web authentication, and WeChat authentication etc. to prevent illegal devices from accessing the wireless network, and can also push value-added services as needed.

· Simple maintenance to network and equipment

The AP has an independent hardware protection circuit built-in that could automatically restarts the AC itself when it breaks down, reducing maintenance difficulty.

Product Recommendation

RD-W268AP 1200M Dual Band Wireless AP

· Working frequency band 2.4G 5G

· Wireless speed up to 1200Mbps

· Maximum transmit power: 2.4G 23dBm 5G 23dBm

· Support power adjustment

· Support expanding 16 SSIDs

· Support Gigabit LAN access

· Support 120 people to connect at the same time

· Support MUMINO

AI106G 6ports Gigabit AI Switch

· 4x Gigabit RJ45 ports (supports POE power supply)

· 2x Gigabit uplink ports

· Support IEEE802.3af/at, single port output max power 30W

· Total power supply: 60W

· Support 4 working modes: AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QOS

PS2010G 8ports Gigabit Access POE Switch with SFP uplink

· 2x Gigabit SFP ports

· 8x Gigabit RJ45 ports (supports POE power)

· Support 4 shortcut working modes: AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QOS

· Support VLAN, QoS, PoE management, aggregation, spanning tree, multicast

· Support HI POE, compatible with IEEE802.3af/at, single port output max 46W

· Total power supply: 150W

NS2024G 24ports Gigabit Core Switch

· 4x Gigabit SFP ports

· 24x Gigabit RJ45 ports

· Support RIP, OSPF, static router, DHCP server, DHCP relay,

· Support VLAN, QoS, ACL, STP, loop protection, IMGP, 802.1X

· Support IPv4/IPv6

· Support Web, CLI, SNMP (V1/V2/V3)

M300 300 people carrying Gigabit enterprise router

· Meet the needs of 300 people carrying management

· 6x 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 ports

· 3200+ application protocol identification, DPI seven-layer flow control

· Support behavior management, accurately divide network access

· Support multi-WAN load balancing and line backup

· Cloud platform management, cross-regional remote centralized management and maintenance

· Support wireless marketing function, 10 kinds of authentication methods to meet the needs of different users and different scenarios

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