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  • Wireless coverage project of Hubei Hanchuan lakeside five star hotel

    Hubei Hanchuan Lakeside Hotel is one of the top five-star hotels in Hanchuan City. It is located in the west of Hanchuan passenger station. It echoes with the municipal Party and government office building, Hanchuan No.1 middle school and municipal people’s hospital. It is a landmark hotel project in Hanchuan. The design and decoration style of the hotel is fashionable, novel and magnificent. It integrates accommodation, catering, leisure, entertainment and health preservation. The ground floor is 19 stories high and the underground parking is 1 floor. Among them, there are 229 single rooms, standard rooms, business suites, luxury suites and theme rooms; there are 6 banquet halls and 6 luxury Chinese dining rooms that can accommodate 100-600 people at the same time. In addition, there are also characteristic restaurants, multi-functional meeting rooms, constant temperature swimming pools, cinemas, KTV, gymnasium, VR experience hall, chess and card room, foot therapy club, etc.

  • Wireless coverage project of Xi’an Xinyuan scenery chain hotel in Shaanxi Province

    In the information age, with the rapid development of global information technology and wireless network, people’s demand for wireless Internet is becoming stronger and stronger. Besides accommodation, catering and leisure, the network has become an indispensable part of life. Customers bring smart phones and iPad tablets to consume, and they are required to browse the Internet, QQ and wechat anytime and anywhere. Providing high-quality wireless signal and good Internet experience has become one of the most basic service functions.

  • Tianjin Yinzhou Shanshuiyuan Hotel Wireless Coverage

    some people even say that WiFi is like the air and water in our daily lives. Sometimes, there is no feeling. If it is missing, it is impossible.

  • Helping Tianjin Yizhou Pengze hotel to build a robust HD monitoring network

    In April last year, a news that "a woman was followed and dragged by a strange man in a hotel in Beijing" must have impressed many people. At that time, the news caused an uproar on the Internet, and many netizens talked about it in succession, and there were different opinions on it. While condemning the lawbreakers, many people also question the safety of the hotel

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