Why so many scenarios need 4G WIFI Router?

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For today's society, the Internet has become our air,which exists in our world all the time, and satisfies our various needs of contacting the worldand dealing with affairs like oxygen. The home wireless network and the 4G network of mobile phones undertake the mission of connecting our various devices to the network.


For most households, broadband has become an essential device, after all, there are too many devices to use the Internet. Connecting to a wireless router via a broadband connection is what most of us do. But the existing broadband wireless network is full of limitations and problems in all aspects. We may not be able to get the broadband we want for a variety of reasons, such as a variety of restrictions or poor broadband experience. 4G router is a substitute for broadband. Whether it is good or not depends on your actual needs. Let me talk about the advantages and application scenarios of 4G wireless routing.

Plug and play, No waiting

When you move into your new home, you need to contact the operators and wait for them to come to you.If big operators all did not cover fiber optic broadband in the village, meanwhile you want to deal with broadband, you can only choose the small operator that a few have never heard of only.The broadband of small operators is all bad, either the network is often cut off, or the network rate is not up to standard, which can not meet the demand of Internet access. In addition, sometimes the power is cut off, the broadband wireless route is not working. At this time, as long as you have a 4G wireless router, plug in the 4G card, the mobile phone and computer can directly connect to the Internet.

AIR 4G wireless router, which is with 4G high-speed network, plug and play, can help you avoid Internet trouble.

More convenient

One problem we often face when installing broadband is that routers need to be located where the in-home broadband is located, and the access line is needed.But this location may not be the most suitable.Because the higher the location of the wireless router, the more space around it is the better, putting it in the wrong place will only cause network signal instability.However, if you move the wireless router, the connected cable will affect the aesthetics. Moreover, the place where we surf the Internet is different every time. For example, we spend most of the day in the living room, and at night we work in the bedroom or in the workplace. Moreover, the broadband network at home can only be placed at home and cannot be taken out. However, due to the particularity of its working principle, 4G router saves the trouble of wiring and is flexible in location placement. As long as the power supply can be solved, it can be placed in any location and scene required by users.

Save Internet cost

When most people think of 4G wireless routing, the first impression is likely to be the limitation of network traffic and the price, after all, broadband network has unlimited traffic and unlimited speed. But one thing to consider is that broadband isn't cheap, and getting better speeds means paying more. At the same time, we also need to purchase the network cat of the operator, and we also need to match the wireless router by ourselves, and the operator also needs to charge fees for door-to-door service, which actually costs a lot every year.

With 4G wireless routing, you only need to buy a device and configure the carrier's 4G data card. Moreover, we do not need unlimited traffic in our daily life. According to our own needs, 30G-60g of traffic a month is enough, so the cost is much less.

AIR 4G supports 4G data card from three major carriers, plug and play. If you buy it on Tmall's official website now, you will get 30G of data in the first month and get a discount. It is worth yourconsideration.‍

4G wireless router,More versatile

The 4G router is simple and portable, which can not only meet the Internet needs of families, emergency network of enterprises and wireless network construction of small scenes, but also meet the network application needs of many other scenes. AIR 4G not only supports the three networks, but also has industrial grade product quality. Qualcomm chip and Huawei Haisi module provide network transmission speed and stability compared with ordinary wireless broadband routing.

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