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With the continuous advancement of the construction of "Safe City", security products and technologies have been promoted and applied. At the same time, new requirements have been put forward for security technology innovation and product performance applications. Video surveillance is a core component of the construction of "Safe City". At present, as the country promotes and implements the "new infrastructure", system construction will expand from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities, and from large and medium cities to districts, counties, and towns.


The Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies continue to develop and mature. While providing people with a safe, comfortable, and convenient living environment, the number of corresponding front-end access devices is also increasing. How to ensure this The stable operation and online rate of equipment, as well as improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance become particularly important.

In response to market development and the need for "AI+security" technology upgrades, the flagship product of HORED Technology-IoT intelligent monitoring box came into being, which is another masterpiece after the S5700 core switch series and 4G wireless routers. It will become the core equipment for video management informatization in areas such as building smart safe cities and smart communities, empowering the country’s “new infrastructure”.

The IoT smart CCTV box with high integration, strong functionality, and simple operation of intelligent network transmission and power control systems. It has powerful functions such as deep learning, cloud management, and big data system prediction; it can quickly help the Internet of Things network automatic detection, network intrusion and troubleshooting, accurately push fault locations and fault items, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

The IoT Smart CCTV box adopts a modular structure and provides multiple sets of power output and remote monitoring and control. At the same time, different transmission modules can be selected according to application requirements to realize optical fiber transmission of multiple topologies. The internal integrated POE power supply network transmission module of the smart box, network port lightning protection module, power supply control module, etc., the main control board is high The embedded intelligent control unit provides practical, detailed, stable and advanced automatic control functions.

It can realize the detection and centralized monitoring and management of the environmental temperature and humidity, AC and DC power supply, water leakage, light intensity, lightning strike situation, communication link and other equipment in the box. The interface is rich and powerful, and it can be widely used in safe city construction, urban monitoring, Smart communities, base stations in the communications industry, and other scenarios required for monitoring to improve the reliability of outdoor monitoring.

The IOT Smart CCTV box is equipped with a self-developed intelligent operation and maintenance management platform, which effectively integrates cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI artificial intelligence, DES security key, GPS map positioning, ERPS ring network communication, APP mobile phone mobile operation and maintenance terminal and other high-tech high-tech , Combine the management and operation and maintenance of intelligent devices of the Internet of Things to build an integrated, visual, and platform-based comprehensive intelligent operation and maintenance management system to realize the monitoring and unified management of the resource status of the entire network. The intelligent operation and maintenance management platform monitors the operation status of the equipment through the IOT intelligent monitoring box 24 hours a day, through multi-dimensional fusion perception, fault real-time feedback, automatic/manual work order management, and operation and maintenance process management and control. At the same time, it is equipped with accurate operation and maintenance business report statistics, and the daily/weekly operation and maintenance history can be clearly traced. Through the visualized page, the superiority of the system is displayed intuitively, the stability of the system is ensured, the operation and maintenance efficiency is effectively improved, the operation and maintenance cost is reduced, and the automatic and intelligent operation and maintenance deployment is realized.

In recent years, the government has frequently issued policies to promote the construction of safe cities and smart cities, and the security industry has ushered in vigorous development. With the support of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the security industry has officially entered the "intelligence" era. As an IoT solution provider with data transmission as the core, Fengrunda is an innovator and popularizer of PoE products and transmission equipment, firmly taking "digital transmission technology innovation + modern manufacturing" as its internal driving force, and constantly exerting its own technology Advantages and rich experience enable high-quality development in all walks of life, and provide a strong boost for "AI + security".

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