HORED will launch two 500m long distance 100Mbps PoE switches soon

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With the popularity of PoEcameras and dome cameras, PoE switches are increasingly used in the security field. In 2018, many engineers still had a headache when most POE switches on the market could not break the 100meters limit. As early as 2016, Fengrunda launched two 250meters long-distance POE switches. In 2020, HORED two ultra-long-distance transmission PoE switches will be launched soon, becoming the world's first 100M transmission products that can reach a transmission distance of 500 meters and the longest network transmission distance can reach 800 meters

First understand what is POE

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, which refers to the use of network cables to transmit data signals while providing DC power supply to terminal equipment without changing the Ethernet cabling infrastructure, referred to as Power over Ethernet. At this stage, there are two main technical standards for power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3af (PoE) and IEEE802.3at (PoE+), the former has a maximum output power of 15.4Wand the latter supports a maximum of 30W external output.


The use of PoE switches not only eliminates the need for power wiring, but also has many other advantages, such as more flexible networking, saving labor construction costs,  convenient and simple management.

Electric power supports long-distance transmission under normal circuit conditions, but the use of Ethernet for PoE power supply must also transmit data signals, and data signals must be transmitted on physical media (such as twisted pair) attenuation and distortion When the signal attenuation or distortion reaches a certain level, it will affect the effective and stable transmission of the signal.

In other words, the PoE power supply distance is determined by the transmission distance of the data signal. The power supply distance of the PoE switch is based on the maximum distance that the data signal can be transmitted before the transmission rate of 100Mbps is ensured.

At present, most of the PoE switches on the market can support a maximum transmission distance of 250 meters, but this is at the cost of reducing the Ethernet network port to a lower speed 10Mbps.

Application of PoE Switch for Ultra Long Distance Network Transmission

In previous practical applications, the distance between the POE device and the camera (or AP) usually exceeds 200 meters or even 300 meters that exceed the normal distance limit, at least two switches must be cascaded to meet the transmission requirements, which not only increases the cost , It will increase the loss.

Now Fengrunda's two 500meters 100Mbps ultra-long-distance transmission PoE switches are shockingly "coming out",  100Mbps stable transmission of 500 meters is no longer a problem.


Fengrunda AI6016H and AI6024H products have PoE power supply function and support IEEE802.3af/at standard. Among them, 8 PoE ports can support 500 meters long-distance transmission (used with long-distance splitter) and can be used as Ethernet power supply equipment. Automatically detect and identify the power receiving equipment that meets the standard, and supply power to it through the network cable. 100Mbps data transmission can reach a distance of 500 meters under the condition of guaranteed power supply, while adjustment to 10Mbps can reach 800 meters.

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