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Smart network connection is infinite, and the Internet of Everything connects to infinite scenes. A smart blueprint full of technology is being rolled out. This is not only the subversion of life, but also the nirvana of an industry. According to IDC research data, global Internet of Things spending will reach 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2022, and China will reach 300 billion US dollars, becoming the largest Internet of Things in the world. Welcome you to create the era of the Internet of Everything.

HORED knows that talents and R&D investment are the source of sustainable development and the core strategy of enterprise development. HORED is based on the struggler. If it has contributions, it will be rewarded. If there is a stage, it will continue to invest in independent research and development. The technical strength is always at the leading level in the industry.

HORED is committed to building a world-class team of data transmission and IoT smart industry, first-class brand, and first-class enterprise, providing a beautiful working environment for excellent professionals, a comprehensive development mechanism, and generous salary and benefits.

Choose HORED to achieve a career. HORED sincerely welcomes you to join us!
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