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Fengrunda products help the construction of the monitoring system of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Army Chemical Defense College

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The Chinese people's Liberation Army Chemical Defense Academy is subordinate to the army and is responsible for training middle and primary chemical defense command officers and middle and senior chemical defense engineering and technology officers for the whole army. In order to facilitate the timely command and scheduling, it is necessary to build a monitoring system with clear picture, high warning and strong controllability.

customer demand

·Ensure that the network is connected to the monitoring points distributed in various areas, so as to conduct real-time monitoring of various areas in and around the military academy.

·Ensure that the transmission data transmission screen will not be disconnected, stuck, smooth, stable and visible for 24 hours.

·The transmission equipment supports unified management and configuration, and monitors the working status of each point in real time, making operation and maintenance simple.

·The transmission equipment shall support Poe power supply to facilitate the access of power supply in outdoor environment and meet the requirements of flexible distribution.

·Poe switches uniformly supply power to all cameras, which can avoid additional wiring and is simple and beautiful.

·Data transmission has user-defined flexibility.

·Data transmission has high security performance.

Equipment list

·Two df5700-24gp-4tf 10 Gigabit uplink 24 port Gigabit three-tier managed Poe switches

·Two ps1084s Gigabit two-tier managed Poe switches

·37 ai6024 Gigabit uplink 24 port Poe switches

Program features

·It has strong business processing ability, complete security protection mechanism, diverse reliability protection, easy operation and maintenance and other characteristics.

·Multiple AI functions effectively ensure that the video data is not stuck, smoother and without delay, monitor the working state of the equipment, monitor the working state of the equipment for 24 hours, and restart the equipment quickly in case of a crash or abnormality.

·Intelligent Poe management, which can customize the output power of port Poe, the working time of PD and the priority of port, provides flexible user-defined mode selection for regional monitoring and management.

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