8-port 2.5G three-layer management switch

·Eight 10/100/2500M adaptive RJ45 ports and one 10 Gigabit SFP port.

·Four quick working modes are supported: AI VLAN, AI Extend, AI PoE, AI QoS.

·Support APOLLO visual cloud management, operation and maintenance.

·Support diversified management methods based on Web, SNMP, CLI, Telnet, etc.

·It supports port management, flow control, security protection, STP, link aggregation, ACL, QoS, 802.1x and other rich two-layer functions.

·Support standard IEEE802.1Q VLAN, MAC VLAN, IP VLAN, voice VLAN, VLAN learning and flexible VLAN division.

·Support IPV6 Ping, IPv6 Tracert, IPv6 Telnet IPV6 SSH IPv6 SSL.

·Support to define the power supply and power off time of port PoE, and flexibly configure the power supply priority and port