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Help Beijing Railway Construction Engineering Group Taihe Jinfu compound | site tower crane HD wireless video monitoring system

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Beijing Taihe Jinfu compound is located in Xihongmen, Fengtai, Beijing. It was built by Beijing Qiaoxi Investment Co., Ltd. with a total construction area of 239400 and a total floor area of 90000, a total of 416 houses. The community property company is Beijing Taihe Zhongwei Property Management Co., Ltd.


This project is mainly to lay a monitoring system for the construction site of Taihe Jinfu compound, so as to ensure that the construction party can timely and effectively grasp the dynamic situation of on-site construction and provide greater security for the construction site.

customer demand

1. Monitor and record the site operation information in real time, effectively supervise the use process of tower cranes, and prevent and reduce safety accidents.

2. Track and check the active personnel on the construction site, provide high-definition image quality to distinguish the characteristics of suspicious personnel, eliminate dangerous accidents and illegal theft, and avoid material losses.

3. There are a total of 12 tower cranes on site, which need to monitor multiple points on each construction site and transmit data wirelessly.

4. Ensure that the image is clear without delay and compression loss.

5. There are many 2.4G signals around, so it is necessary to avoid interference.

6. The transmission equipment shall support Poe power supply to facilitate the access of power supply in outdoor environment and meet the requirements of flexible distribution.

7. It requires simple installation and configuration, cost saving and high performance.

8. Tower cranes are generally high. They are prone to lightning attacks in thunderstorms, and the equipment is easy to burn out. They need to meet the harsh outdoor use environment and meet a certain level of lightning protection, waterproof and dustproof.


Equipment list

One ns6024g24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch;

10 pairs of rd-s400qcpe 5g wireless bridge with 12 tower cranes.

24 4 megapixel cameras; Six 4million pixel infrared high-definition guns.

Program features

1. Rd-s400qcpe has a maximum speed of 300mbps, an industrial directional antenna, external American skyworks PA and LNA. The signal transmission distance is long, up to 2km, and the signal coverage is wider, meeting the needs of monitoring network coverage on the construction site.

2. Poe is used for power supply of the bridge, which is convenient for the outdoor environment to access the power supply.

3. Rd-s400qcpe 5g signal frequency band, less interference and more stable signal.

4. Rd-s400qcpe professional hardware and shell design, up to 8Kv lightning protection, solid-state capacitor design, stable and durable, can easily cope with the harsh outdoor environment.

5. Rd-s400qcpe factory configuration free, plug and play, faster installation and use.

6. Ns6024g 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch, all ports support full line speed forwarding, and all ports reserve a lightning protection design of up to 4KV, with a transmission and forwarding rate of up to 1000Mbps, providing a highly reliable guarantee for HD video monitoring.

7. The overall scheme is simple, economical, energy-saving and high-performance.

On site installation and commissioning



Related product introduction

Ns6024g 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch


·24 10/100/1000m adaptive RJ45 ports.

·All ports have line speed forwarding capability.

·Support the function of auto mdi/mdix.

·Support MAC address self-learning; Support full duplex working mode.

·Plug and play, no management, rack mounted.

Rd-s400qcpe 5g outdoor wireless bridge (2km transmission distance)


·The effective bandwidth of 2km can reach 90m, with up to 15 cameras

·14dbi industrial directional antenna, with wider signal coverage

·Qualcomm solution, solid-state capacitor, stronger stability and longer service life

·With external PA and LNA, the wireless performance is stronger

·Watchdog design, automatic detection, automatic recovery in case of failure

·8Kv lightning protection to prevent signal interruption caused by bad weather

·Factory configuration free, plug and play, faster installation and use

·Wireless maximum rate 300mbps, 802.11a/n