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Create high-quality and safe elevator monitoring for yujiatou community in Wuhan

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  1. Project name: Wuhan yujiatou community elevator monitoring and reconstruction project solution


2. Customer background: yujiatou community is subordinate to yujiatou campus of Wuhan University of technology. It is a residential area for faculty at the professor level of Wuhan University of technology.


3. Project requirements:

① There is no wiring between the computer room of the property center and each building, and the previous video needs to be bridged many times through a wireless bridge to realize image transmission.

② Ensure that each elevator image, building roof and community side door monitoring image are transmitted to the property center machine room in real time.

4. Schematic diagram (topology diagram):


5. Scheme Description:

There are two 33 storey residential buildings in this community, six units, and there is no wiring between the two buildings. All the six monitoring points at the front end of building B need to be transmitted to the property center of building a, so the image transmission can only be realized by multiple bridges.

Brief description of fengrunda product model:


6. Program features:

① The secondary bridging signal of fengrunda wireless bridge is stable, which can greatly save construction time and cost.

② The operation of the project is simple and convenient

③ The whole network design scheme is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.


7. Value gained by customers:

① . meet the needs of customers:

The wireless monitoring scheme meets the real-time monitoring of the elevator, roof and entrance of the whole community by the property management center of the community to prevent accidents.

② Fengrunda's cost-effective wireless bridge ensures that the customer's network is safe, stable and fast.

③ Help customers realize cost savings, save construction time and improve efficiency.