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Create a high-quality elevator wireless monitoring project in Nancheng community, Shangzhai, Huanggang City

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The elevator shaft is a closed and special environment full of various complex interferences. Traditional wired monitoring is "stretched out" here, and only wireless monitoring is the most appropriate solution. Since it is a wireless monitoring, the essential equipment is a wireless bridge, which can replace the role of the network cable and transmit monitoring data wirelessly, saving time and effort. So, what kind of wireless bridge is used for elevator wireless monitoring without interference???


Fengrunda wireless bridge is the perfect choice for elevator wireless monitoring.

The elevator is a very complex closed environment, full of various magnetic fields, and the scene is special. Moreover, the elevator needs to travel up and down. With traditional wired monitoring, it is obvious that the cable is very easy to wear out, which brings countless post maintenance, and also affects the normal monitoring of the elevator, and even affects the normal use of the elevator. It brings great inconvenience to residents' lives. The mature fengrunda wireless bridge has become the first choice for elevator monitoring. As a powerful weapon of wireless monitoring, fengrunda wireless network bridge is easy to maintain and saves a lot of later human, material and financial resources. Mature technology and anti-interference design also make fengrunda wireless bridge popular in the market.

Let's analyze it with a recent case project:

1 project name

Huanggang City Tuanfeng County Shangzhai Nancheng elevator wireless monitoring project

2 project background

Shangzhai Nancheng, Tuanfeng county is located in Tuanfeng County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. Due to the need of safety monitoring, the entire community elevator needs full monitoring coverage. Fengrunda rd-s350cpe 2.4G wireless bridge has become an ideal choice for this project.

3 demand analysis

In the comprehensive security monitoring system of this community, a perfect elevator monitoring system is essential. Compared with the shortcomings of wired monitoring, such as high cost, long construction, and affecting the appearance of the building, the wireless monitoring solution built through the elevator wireless bridge is the perfect choice for this project.


4 scheme design and construction

A total of 15 elevators in this project need to be installed with wireless monitoring,

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd., as the wireless bridge equipment supplier and technical guide in this project,

This people-friendly project was built and completed with partners.

According to the actual needs, fengrunda wireless bridge rd-s350 is selected as the wireless monitoring transmission equipment. The scheme topology is as follows:

5 scheme description

The use of fengrunda rd-s350 elevator wireless bridge saves the material cost and labor cost of the elevator dedicated line, and the construction cycle is short.


Monitoring the project site: according to the needs of customers, a wireless bridge is installed on the roof (car roof or bottom) and the top or bottom of the elevator to form a cross view, instead of the video line, to ensure that there is no shelter between the transmission channels and realize the stable transmission of wireless signals.


Equipment list:

Equipment type Equipment model Specification description

Elevator wireless bridge RD-S350

2.4GHz,300Mbps 12dBi

6. Advantages of the scheme

A eliminate cumbersome manual wiring;

B save wire cost

C reduce unnecessary trouble of later maintenance

D convenient installation, time saving and short project cycle.

7 project value

A meet the three major needs of the project construction: time-saving, labor-saving, simple and easy to use;

B fengrunda wireless bridge not only has high cost performance, but also provides stronger stability; More importantly, anti-interference design;

C help customers realize efficient wireless monitoring of elevators, with smooth pictures and simple and convenient maintenance.

The anti-interference design of fengrunda elevator wireless bridge has very important practical value for solving the problem of elevator monitoring, and is the perfect solution.