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Create an efficient elevator wireless monitoring project for Xi'an Huafu xintaoyuan community

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Elevator is the key area of community monitoring, and it is also the area where various events occur frequently, and it is easy to become a dead corner of monitoring for many reasons. Elevator monitoring also faces many challenges in scheme design and wiring, and the elevator dedicated wireless bridge effectively solves this problem, making the engineering design and construction simpler, and the situation in the elevator is clear at a glance.


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So, the question is, how to play the elevator wireless bridge?

First of all, we need to understand the elevator environment. Although there is no influence of climate and weather, there are various radiation and interference in the elevator and elevator shaft. In order to transmit elevator monitoring data well, we need to meet two conditions: anti-interference and less interference. In other words, the wireless bridge used in the elevator should not only be able to resist certain interference, but also cannot produce other more interference itself.

It is precisely because of the particularity of the elevator environment that the elevator monitoring will generally use the elevator wireless bridge instead of the outdoor ordinary wireless bridge. Compared with the outdoor bridge, the elevator bridge has been optimized in some aspects, which is more conducive to elevator monitoring and transmission. Moreover, the transmission power and antenna gain of the elevator wireless bridge cannot be too large due to the requirement that it cannot generate great interference.

Let's analyze it with a recent case project:

1 project name

Xi'an Huafu xintaoyuan community elevator wireless monitoring project

2 project background

Xi'an Huafu xintaoyuan project is located in the southwest corner of Shizi, West Second Ring Road and South Second Ring Road. It is adjacent to Tangyan North Road in the East, Dazhai road in the south, Fengying road in the West and Guihua Road in the north. The project covers an area of 58.8 mu, with a total planned area of 180000 square meters. The project location is superior, and it belongs to the core Gaoshang residential area scarce in West high tech.

High end living requires high-end security monitoring and full monitoring coverage of community elevators,

Fengrunda rd-s350cpe 2.4G wireless bridge is an ideal choice to solve the problem of elevator monitoring.

3 demand analysis

As a high-end living community, in order to achieve full coverage of security monitoring, a perfect elevator monitoring system is essential. Wired monitoring costs a lot, the construction cycle is long, and affects the overall building appearance. The wireless monitoring solution built through the elevator wireless bridge is the best choice for this project.

The main factors are:

A. the elevator monitoring does not follow the elevator line, so as to ensure the smooth monitoring image;

B adopt digital network monitoring to conduct 24-hour video monitoring on the safety of the elevator;

C. the monitoring video needs to be stable, reliable, clear and smooth;

D. wiring is required to be simple, convenient and safe.


4 scheme design and construction

A total of 23 elevators in this community need to be installed with wireless monitoring, and most of them are high-rise buildings,

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd., as the wireless bridge equipment supplier and technical guide in this project,

According to the monitoring requirements, fengrunda wireless bridge rd-s350 is selected as the wireless monitoring transmission equipment. The scheme topology is as follows:


5 scheme description

The use of fengrunda rd-s350 elevator wireless bridge saves the material cost of the elevator dedicated line and the labor cost, and the construction cycle is short.

Monitoring the project site: according to the needs of customers, a wireless bridge is installed on the roof (car roof or bottom) and the top or bottom of the elevator to form a cross view, instead of the video line, to ensure that there is no shelter between the transmission channels and realize the stable transmission of wireless signals.

Equipment list:

Equipment type Equipment model Specification description

Elevator wireless bridge RD-S350

2.4GHz,300Mbps 12dBi

6. Advantages of the scheme

A eliminate cumbersome manual wiring;

B save wire cost

C reduce unnecessary trouble of later maintenance

D convenient installation, time saving and short project cycle.


7 value gained by customers

A meet the three major needs of project construction: time-saving, labor-saving, simple and easy to use;

B fengrunda wireless bridge not only has high cost performance, but also provides stronger stability;

C help customers realize efficient wireless monitoring of elevators, with smooth pictures and simple and convenient maintenance.

It can be seen that the elevator wireless bridge has very important practical value for solving the full coverage of community security monitoring, and it is a reliable security weapon.

PS: grey often thanks our partners for their professional work and support in the dark elevator shaft. Fengrunda's growth and success are inseparable from your hard work and sweat.