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Build a cost-effective monitoring network for Dezhou cecep base

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In the 21st century, solar energy will become one of the main energy sources in the world, and it is the most primitive energy. Almost all other energy sources on the earth come directly or indirectly from solar energy. Solar energy is the energy generated by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction process of sunspots inside or on the surface of the sun.

Solar energy has the advantages of sufficient resources, long life, wide distribution, safety, cleanness, reliable technology and so on. Because solar energy can be converted into a variety of other forms of energy, it has a wide range of applications. In terms of heat utilization, there are solar greenhouses, article drying and solar stoves, solar water heaters, etc. After years of development, solar power generation has also made great progress.


According to the website of the national energy administration, by the end of 2016, China's newly installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation was 34.54gw, with a cumulative installed capacity of 77.42gw, ranking first in the world. In terms of power generation, China is now the world's largest solar power producer.

Cecep solar energy Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of cecep. Cecep is the only central enterprise in China that focuses on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Cecep solar energy Co., Ltd. is the largest solar energy investment operator in China and the first domestic listed company focusing on solar power generation.


Cecep Dezhou solar power generation base is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. It is one of the company's main solar power generation bases across the country. The base has a wide area. In order to better carry out work and improve the management level and personnel allocation efficiency of the whole base, it is required to design and build a stable wireless monitoring system.

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd

Provide product and technical solution support for the establishment of wireless monitoring system in the base.

Project requirements

In order to build a wireless monitoring system with clear picture, high warning, strong controllability and convenient for timely command and scheduling, the following requirements should be met:

Ensure that the network is connected to the monitoring points distributed in each area, so as to monitor all areas inside and around the base in real time;

Effectively avoid the same frequency or other interference sources to ensure that the transmission picture is clearly visible;

It is convenient for wiring and installation, shorten the construction period of the project as far as possible, and improve the safety early warning;

Effectively resist the attack of outdoor bad weather, and ensure the stability and smoothness of network transmission;

Facilitate the later expansion and maintenance management of the system;


According to the actual environment of the base and the technical requirements of the scheme, and to ensure that it is economical, convenient and beautiful, it is decided to adopt the wireless video monitoring system.

In this project, fengrunda mainly acts as the transmission equipment provider of wireless monitoring system, providing high-quality and high-performance wireless bridge equipment to ensure the smooth construction of wireless monitoring system.


conceptual design

According to customers' needs, to ensure clear monitoring images and stable transmission, fengrunda decided to use rd-w353cpe, rd-w355cpe and rd-s400cpe outdoor wireless bridges as transmission backbone equipment in the wireless transmission network. The bridge is waterproof, sunscreen, lightning proof, and has built-in modules, which eliminates the need for cumbersome power wiring. Ns2024g full Gigabit switch is used as the transmission equipment.

According to the monitoring range and the distribution of monitoring points, fengrunda wireless bridge CPE is installed in each range around the power generation base. In a one-to-one and one to many manner, one receives the video signal from the monitoring camera, and the other sends the video signal to the monitoring center.

Managers can monitor the internal and surrounding conditions of the base in real time through the display screen of the monitoring center, so as to ensure the safe and orderly management of the base, find suspicious personnel in time and prevent emergencies.

Schematic diagram of the scheme:


Field installation of equipment

The construction personnel need to install the surveillance camera and the wireless bridge at the transmitting end at the front end, and then install the wireless bridge at the receiving end at the monitoring center at the back end, and connect the NVR and the monitor to complete the hardware installation of the whole system.

The installation of the whole system is very simple, which saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time costs. The control of each image in the back-end monitoring room is very simple, which is conducive to optimizing management.

During installation, it is necessary to pay attention to determine the location of the monitoring center so that there is no major barrier between the transmitting end and the receiving end. After installation, it is necessary to configure an effective IP address, calibrate and debug.


Program features

The design of the whole transmission scheme and the selected wireless bridge equipment are convenient, beautiful and efficient, which are in line with the project environment and project needs.

The wireless transmission system is perfect and mature, with high scalability. It can be realized by adding front-end equipment, transmitting end and receiving end bridges.

Through the construction of wireless monitoring system, the urgent task of cecep solar power generation base has been successfully solved, which provides convenience for the later management.