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Tangmu energy saving building materials (Beijing) wireless coverage project

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In the information age, the network can be said to be the blood vessel of an enterprise. A high-speed and smooth network can help the rapid growth of business and make internal communication more convenient. Modern office work cannot be done without wireless WiFi. From laptop computers to mobile phones, wireless WiFi coverage in office places is essential. High quality wireless office networks directly affect the office efficiency of enterprises, especially with the rise of mobile terminal office, The demand for wired + wireless in enterprises is becoming stronger, so how can enterprises deploy a stable, easy to manage, safe and efficient WiFi network? How can large industrial manufacturing enterprises build wireless coverage solutions and quickly enter the new era of mobile office?

The following is a project case to analyze the wireless coverage solutions of large industrial manufacturing enterprises.

Project background

Tangmu energy saving building materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd. - Tangshan Branch wireless coverage solution


Tangmu energy saving building materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has a number of subordinate enterprises, introduces high-end equipment such as American h&s and German m-TEC, and organizes the production and sale of Tangmu brand ceramic tile adhesives, caulking agents, waterproof mortar and other ceramic tile installation series products and other home decoration auxiliary materials. Through the establishment of a perfect sales service network and product innovation in the same industry, the company now has 20 branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., more than 500 agents and dealers, more than 20000 distribution outlets and many overseas branches in Canada, Russia, etc., and is committed to becoming an excellent modern building materials enterprise facing the world. Tangmu energy saving building materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd. - Tangshan Branch, located in Tangshan, an important town in Eastern Hebei, is striving to build an important part of the industry supply chain, and strive to provide assistance for the rapid development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. In order to better carry out business and respond to the demands of the information age, we are now working together with fengrunda technology to create an industry-leading wireless coverage solution!


This project is committed to providing wireless coverage solutions for the new office building of Tangmu energy saving building materials company. After the on-site investigation and testing of fengrunda technology staff and customers, fengrunda intelligent WiFi wireless coverage solutions are selected according to the actual needs of the network.


Main equipment used:

Fengrunda Poe power supply switch ps3024

Ceiling wireless ap:rd-w68ap

Scheme topology


Program features

High speed, stable and seamless roaming

Fengrunda wireless AP adopts high-performance network processor, wireless power amplifier (PA) and receiver (LNA), multi-level filtering and amplification, good signal, good wall penetration and high transmission rate; It provides a variety of network security functions, including SSID hiding, guest network, MAC address filtering, anti ARP attack, multiple SSID isolated access and other security strategies. It can combine the background authentication system, billing system and security access system to realize the access management control of users, and effectively protect the security of wireless networks and access users.

Easy control of load balancing

It supports the optimization of channel bandwidth and the load balancing method based on the number of users and traffic. When the wireless controller finds that the load of the wireless access device exceeds the set threshold value, the wireless controller will automatically calculate whether there are any wireless access devices with light load around the user for the user to access for the new user. Realize the effective balance of the number of users, traffic and wireless signals before each device, adjust the channel and power, so that each AP signal does not interfere with each other, and achieve the best wireless coverage effect;

Easily expand marketing value-added

Considering the rapid development of energy-saving building materials and the increase of business scale, it is necessary to solve the problem of network expansion in the future. If the equipment is re purchased and the original coverage area is reconstructed, it will not only increase the enterprise investment, but also affect the normal use of the network. This set of networking scheme can complete the elastic expansion of the network and save the cost of equipment procurement and network redeployment.

Moreover, combined with the smart WiFi function of fengrunda, we cooperate with the marketing gateway to realize wireless authentication and Internet access (including portal authentication, wechat authentication, radius authentication, one key authentication, etc.), marketing management, wireless probe, and ensure the smooth network.

Poe power supply is safe and efficient

Fengrunda Poe switch is a national standard switch with automatic detection function. According to the power receiving end equipment, it automatically detects whether it supports Poe power supply and its voltage and power consumption requirements, and then supplies power. Even if the power receiving end equipment does not support Poe power supply, it will not cause damage to the equipment; The whole scheme adopts fengrunda Poe switch for power supply, which realizes the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring; Fengrunda 24 port Poe switch adopts 440 watt dual power supply for independent power supply, which better ensures the full power rate of Poe port and the stability of the whole machine. It solves the power shortage of Poe products of similar products.

Project site



Scheme summary

Fengrunda intelligent WiFi solution, while fully covering the wireless, perfectly solves the network needs of Tangshan Branch of Tangmu energy saving building materials, making the enterprise wireless network more secure, fast and stable! And provide assistance for the Informatization Transformation of industrial manufacturing enterprises, and lead the industry into a new era of mobile network office!!!

General manager Cao of Tangmu energy saving building materials Tangshan Branch said, "fengrunda technology is a good one-stop enterprise wireless coverage solution supplier. They provide us with stable, safe and efficient intelligent WiFi solutions. We hope that more and more industrial manufacturing enterprises can benefit from it."