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Wireless coverage project of an investment joint stock company in Tianjin Shuanggang Economic Development Zone

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At present, as people go out more and more tend to choose to use wireless networks, for the operation and management of places, whether colleges and universities, retail, enterprises, etc., it is undoubtedly necessary to establish a faster and intelligent network to comply with the trend and respond to the needs. The following is the wireless coverage solution provided by fengrunda for Tianjin Shuanggang Economic Development Zone Investment Co., Ltd.


Project background

The headquarters of an investment joint stock company in Tianjin Shuanggang economic development zone is located in Tianjin Shuanggang Economic Development Zone, and has branches in xiong'an new area, Qinhuangdao and other places. The headquarters is a new office building. This time, the service network demand of this unit is mainly.


Project requirements

1. The building of this unit is a 5-story reinforced concrete structure, which requires strong signal passing through the wall.

2. Customers require that the office area on the 5th floor be fully covered without dead corners and realize seamless roaming at the same time. Users do not need to log in again during walking.

3. The first floor is the reception hall and centralized office area, with a total Internet demand of about 100 people. Above the second floor are the restaurant, conference hall, manager's room, tea break room and general manager. Customers require that different office areas can meet different bandwidth and network speed requirements, and it is forbidden to browse websites unrelated to work during work.


Using products

1. Fengrunda Poe switch: ps3016

Wireless ap:w68ap AC100

Scheme topology


Field installation of equipment

The construction personnel need to install the surveillance camera and the wireless bridge at the transmitting end at the front end, and then install the wireless bridge at the receiving end at the monitoring center at the back end, and connect the NVR and the monitor to complete the hardware installation of the whole system.

The installation of the whole system is very simple, which saves a lot of manpower, material resources and time costs. The control of each image in the back-end monitoring room is very simple, which is conducive to optimizing management.



Program features

1. Following up the building structure, fengrunda high-power wireless ceiling apw68ap is adopted, which has a transmission power of 500 MW and strong wall penetration ability.

2. W68ap is fat and thin, supporting Poe power supply and unified ac management.

3. The whole scheme adopts fengrunda Poe switch for power supply, which realizes the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring.

4. The scheme adopts a seamless roaming design, which meets the service needs of customers for high-speed Internet access without dropping the line anytime and anywhere.

5. The scheme adopts AC for unified management and power supply, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.


Customers get value

1. It solves the problem of signal interference and weakening caused by building materials

2. It meets the requirements of customers for seamless roaming Internet experience.

3. The office area is completely covered without dead corners