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Create a high-quality monitoring project for Zhengzhou xijinma Kaixuan home CBD

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1. Project name:

Zhengzhou West Fourth Ring Road Jinma Kaixuan home CBD monitoring project solution


2. Customer background:

Jinma Kaixuan home CBD is invested and developed by Hong Kong Jinma Kaixuan group. Jinma Kaixuan home CBD Zhengzhou wholesale city business management company real estate company is a company under Jinma Kaixuan group, which is responsible for the commercial operation and management of Jinma Kaixuan home CBD China furniture wholesale city, raw and auxiliary material market, 300 mu logistics and storage center, 500 mu Industrial Park and commercial street.

3. Project requirements:

① Customers demand that the monitoring of the building materials center has no dead corner coverage, and all building materials areas, internal streets, and outdoor areas should be fully monitored and covered.

② Ensure simple and convenient wiring and high safety performance, and use weak current Poe for wiring.

③ About 270 monitoring points are unified on the large screen monitoring system.

4. Schematic diagram of the scheme


5. Site pictures:


Monitoring project site: according to the needs of customers, put the POE switch at the convergence point of the nearest 7-8 surveillance cameras to ensure that the converged monitoring is uniformly wired back to the machine room.

Brief introduction of product model of fengrunda


6. Program features:

① Fengrunda Poe switch can directly supply power to the camera and transmit data at the same time, which can greatly facilitate the installation, management and use of users.

② The overall Poe wiring solution fully meets the characteristics of simple weak current wiring and high security. The services provided by fengrunda far exceed the customers' initial demand for our company.

③ Poe switch monitoring scheme features: simple and convenient wiring; Reduce the construction quantity, shorten the construction period and reduce the cost.

④ The whole network design scheme is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.

7. Value gained by customers:

① Meet the needs of customers: the monitoring Poe scheme meets the monitoring system of 13 building materials areas at the same time, providing a perfect monitoring scheme for ceramic area, floor area, consumables area, bathroom area, etc., and clearly seeing the information of people, faces, license plates and so on.

② Fengrunda's Poe switch with high cost performance ensures that the customer's network is safe, stable and fast.

③ Help customers realize unified management of power supply, easy maintenance and humanization