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Create a high-quality HD monitoring system for Beijing Chama building

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In the field of security monitoring, the continuous development of video monitoring technology and transmission network has led to the transformation of monitoring to the direction of networking, high-definition and intelligence. In the field of security, monitoring has an absolute "boss" position and is an important part of the whole industry.


Poe power supply technology is the perfect solution for the wiring and power supply of thousands of webcams. It can complete the transmission of video data and power at the same time with only one network cable. In the monitoring system, Poe switch, as a power transmission equipment, has unique value and indispensable significance. It not only makes monitoring a big step forward, but also drives the IP development of the entire security industry.

As a leading transmission product & service provider in the industry, fengrunda has always kept in mind its mission, stood at the forefront of the industry and market, understood the most real needs of users, developed many Poe switch devices in 10 years, and constantly innovated, explaining the meaning of being a leader in Poe power transmission with practical actions and achievements.

The following is an engineering case to analyze the POE power supply solution for large-scale building security monitoring

1、 Project name

Poe monitoring solution for security of Chama building in Xicheng District, Beijing

2、 Project background

Beijing tea horse building is located at No. 19, Malian Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. It is a nationally famous tea trading mall with a total area of more than 130000 square meters and up to 20 floors. Security is an essential part of ensuring the normal operation of such large shopping malls. Chama building aims to build a high-quality network HD monitoring system as the most important security means. Fengrunda Poe switch plays an important role in this project.


3、 Project requirements

Because there are many floors in the building, there are many monitoring points and their distribution is irregular, so the access and power supply of cameras and the transmission of video signals are the difficulties of the monitoring system. The construction party needs to choose a perfect transmission solution to complete the transmission task of the monitoring system.

a. This is a network HD monitoring system. The transmission system needs to meet the real-time and stable transmission of multi-channel HD camera video streams.

b. It is difficult to connect the power supply of the monitoring points in the mall, and it is required to maintain a beautiful appearance. The transmission equipment needs to solve the power supply of the camera through the network cable.

c. The system needs to be easy to maintain and manage, and the monitoring personnel can grasp the operation status of the system at any time through a simple interface.

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides product and solution support for this project.


4、 Schematic diagram of scheme (topology diagram)


5、 Scheme description


The whole network is connected to the Internet through the WAN port of the export router. The POE power supply switch is connected in series to the LAN port of the router, and the camera is connected to supply power and data transmission. Fast and stable. Ensure the smoothness of the video and save the heavy work of traditional power supply and wiring.

Monitoring the project site: according to the needs of customers, the monitoring will cover every corner of the building, and ensure that there is no dead corner in every area, corner and aisle.

Product type and model of fengrunda

Poe switch: ps504

Poe switch: ps6016

Core layer switch: df5700-48g-4tf

6、 Program features

a. The switch has Poe function, which provides sufficient power for the HD camera connected to the network, solves the wiring trouble of connecting the camera to the power socket remotely, and ensures the normal operation of the camera and the beauty of the square.

b. The transmission distance of the downlink port of the access end switch reaches 100m, which solves the problem of camera access in a wider range.

c. The convergence end and core layer switches can flexibly select the combination of optical and electrical ports according to the actual engineering needs, and perfectly match the transmission mode of the access switch.

d. The whole video monitoring design scheme is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.

7、 Value gained by customers

a. Fengrunda's Poe power supply solution with high cost performance provides stable power supply equipment and high-quality information transmission performance for the video monitoring system of Chama building!

b. The POE power supply solution of fengrunda perfectly solves the problem of difficult wiring in the mall and ensures the beautiful line trend on site.

c. Due to the use of fengrunda Poe switch, it provides super wide bandwidth for its entire video monitoring system, so that its overall data flow can run smoothly without packet loss and jamming, so that it can have a smooth and clear monitoring picture.

d. With intelligent management function, fengrunda Poe power supply solution makes it very convenient for customers to manage, operate and maintain the whole monitoring system. It achieves unified management and brings great convenience to customers' follow-up work.