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Tianjin driver's home hotel wireless coverage project

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For most modern people, WiFi is the spiritual food in life. Whether it's a restaurant or a hotel, the word "WiFi inside" is the biggest attraction. It can be said that WiFi has become a standard configuration for businesses. Restaurants without WiFi, don't eat! Hotels without WiFi, no!!

Of course, do you think everything will be all right with WiFi? The WiFi signal is not good, but it will often be complained, and may even be brought close to the blacklist. For guests, if the connected WiFi signal seems to be absent, or if they are connected to WiFi but can't get on the Internet, there is really nothing more infuriating than this. What should we do? Let's see how fengrunda solves these problems for Tianjin driver's home hotel.


entry name

Tianjin driver's Home Hotel

Project requirements

1. The hotel is a 3-story building. Customers require that the inside and outside of the hotel room be fully covered without dead corners, and realize seamless roaming at the same time. Customers do not need to log in again during walking.

2. The building is of reinforced concrete structure, which requires strong signal passing through the wall.

3. The whole hotel is covered, and the number of Internet users is more than 500.

Project construction photos







Products used in the project

Fengrunda Poe switch: ps3024

Wireless ap:w68ap

Scheme topology


Program features

1. Following up the building structure, fengrunda w68ap ceiling AP is adopted, which has a transmitting power of 500 MW and strong wall penetration ability.

2. W68ap is fat and thin, and supports Poe power supply.

3. The whole scheme adopts fengrunda 24 port Poe switch for power supply, which realizes the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring.

4. The scheme adopts a seamless roaming design, which meets the service needs of customers for high-speed Internet access without dropping the line anytime and anywhere.

5. The scheme adopts AC for unified management and power supply, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

Customers get value

1. It resolves the problem of signal interference and weakening caused by hotel building materials.

2. It meets the requirements of customers for seamless roaming Internet experience.

3. The hotel is completely covered without dead corners.