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Tianjin Jizhou shanshuiyuan hotel wireless network coverage project

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As handheld terminals are deeply integrated into every aspect of people's daily life, some people even joke that WiFi is like the air and water in our daily life. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Once it's missing, it's absolutely impossible. Take scenic hotels for example. The quality of wireless network will have a great impact on the hotel guest experience and satisfaction, and even affect the occupancy rate of banquet hotels to a certain extent.


Of course, the wireless WiFi service that can truly satisfy customers is not only a simple coverage of the hotel's wireless WiFi signal, but also should meet the following points:

Comprehensiveness: the wireless internet signal of the hotel must cover the whole hotel building, all wireless SSIDs have the same name, and the hotel needs to achieve seamless roaming Internet access. No matter in the lobby of the hotel, the corridor of the hotel or the restaurant of the hotel, the network can be automatically switched, and the wireless signal of the hotel can be freely linked, and the guests in the same room can connect to the Internet at the same time.

Enjoyable: the Internet speed must be fast. The Internet speed cannot be slowed down due to the different number of people or locations connected to the wireless. It is necessary to meet the online needs of residents, such as watching blockbusters online, listening to music, playing games, chatting, etc.

Flexibility: no matter whether the guest uses IOS system or Android system, whether it is tablet computer or mobile phone, he must be free to download and enjoy the application through wireless Internet.

Convenience: when installing wireless WiFi, the hotel must reduce the network wiring work and cost investment of the hotel, and try to avoid the construction of broken walls, pipe erection, threading and so on in the guest room.

Security: network security problems, especially internal network security problems, are becoming more and more serious. Considering the security of the hotel office network, special channels can be set up for guests to access the free wireless network. Customers can only access Internet information through wireless network, and cannot access other resources of the hotel office network, so as to effectively ensure the security of the hotel's internal network.

Certified Internet access: it can prevent Internet access and help the hotel establish its own advertising and marketing network. Customers can access the Internet without asking for a password. The powerful cloud database can analyze passenger flow, analyze customer data and improve sales ability.


The following is a case to analyze the hotel wireless coverage solution.

Project Name: wireless coverage of Tianjin Jizhou shanshuiyuan Hotel

Project overview

Shanshuiyuan hotel is located in Jizhou District, Tianjin, with glass plank roads, billiards, table tennis, mahjong, KTV... All kinds of entertainment facilities. The hotel is surrounded by Jixian Panshan, Zunhua qingdongling, Pinggu Taoyuan, Jinhai lake and Yuqiao reservoir, so it is the best choice for tourism and leisure accommodation in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Project requirements

1. The network architecture of each floor of the three-story building is an independent system.

2. There are 36 accommodation rooms and 3 conference halls, all reinforced concrete structure, which requires strong signal passing through the wall.

3. Customers require the hotel and office area to be fully covered without dead corners, and realize seamless roaming at the same time.

Products used in the project

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides products and solutions for this project.

Fengrunda Poe switch: ps3024

Wireless ap:w68ap

Controller: AC100

Scheme topology


Project construction pictures


Program features

1. According to the structure of the building, fengrunda high-power wireless ceiling apw68ap is adopted, which has a transmission power of 500 MW and strong wall penetration ability.

2. W68ap is a combination of fat and thin, supporting Poe power supply and unified ac management, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

3. The whole scheme adopts fengrunda Poe switch for power supply, which has the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring.

4. The scheme adopts a seamless roaming design, which meets the service needs of customers for high-speed Internet access without dropping the line anytime and anywhere.

Customers get value

1. Fengrunda high-power wireless ceiling apw68ap, with a transmission power of 500 MW and strong wall penetration ability, solves the problem of signal interference and weakening caused by hotel building materials.

2. The seamless roaming design meets the requirements of customers for seamless roaming Internet experience. Whether in the lobby, corridor or restaurant of the hotel, the network can be switched automatically.

3. AC unified management and Poe unified power supply are adopted to avoid wall breaking, pipe erection, threading and other construction in the guest room, and reduce the network wiring work and cost investment of the hotel.

4. Web authentication, wechat authentication, QQ authentication, SMS authentication and other authentication support can not only prevent Internet surfing, but also help the hotel establish a dedicated advertising and marketing network.