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Help Yizhou Pengze Hotel build a robust HD monitoring network

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A very important standard to measure whether a hotel is safe is whether there are monitoring equipment in every corner of the hotel. You know, many victims are infringed, which happens in a corner that can't be seen by the monitoring. It can be said that monitoring is like a pair of sharp eyes, constantly watching the bad guys, so that the bad guys dare not act rashly.

The following is the security monitoring and reconstruction project of fengrunda for Tianjin Yizhou Pengze hotel.

Project Name: Tianjin Yizhou Pengze Hotel


Project overview

The hotel is located in the South Station of Tianjin high speed railway, adjacent to Zhangjiawo Industrial Park, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is convenient to go to huoyuanjia's former residence, golf course, Shijia courtyard, Yangliuqing manor and other places.

The hotel covers an area of 2000 square meters (about 500 people), among which the luxury Chinese restaurant on the third floor of the hotel is an ideal private meeting place for business guests from all walks of life, so that guests can taste the traditional authentic Cantonese cuisine after finishing their busy work and get a thorough relaxation and enjoyment.

Project requirements

1. The project is part of the monitoring and wireless transformation project, and the monitoring part transforms the original low pixel monitoring into high-definition monitoring

2. In consideration of safety issues, try not to take the power line to avoid unnecessary accidents

3. The monitoring part requires high pixels and smooth video, so as to save the cost and construction cycle as much as possible and avoid affecting the normal business and

The customer has a rest.

Project photos





Products used in the project

Fengrunda Poe switch: ps3024

Scheme topology


Program features

1. Fengrunda Poe switch is a national standard switch with automatic detection function. It can automatically detect whether it is in accordance with the equipment at the power receiving end

Support Poe power supply and its voltage and power consumption requirements, and then power supply.,

2. Even if the power receiving end equipment does not support Poe power supply, it will not cause damage to the equipment

3. The whole scheme adopts fengrunda Poe switch for power supply, which realizes the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring.

4. Fengrunda 24 port Poe switch adopts 440W dual power supply for independent power supply, which better ensures the full power of Poe port

Rate and stability of the whole machine.

Customers get value

1. The material cost is reduced, so that Party A can really get benefits.

2. It avoids potential safety hazards and shortens the construction period of the project

3. It is simple, convenient and easy to maintain, which enables engineering companies to really reduce the construction cost.