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Hubei Hanchuan lakeside five-star hotel wireless coverage project

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With the rapid development of mobile networks, tablet computers, smart phones, notebooks and other devices have been widely used. As a temporary residence for business travelers and tourists, wireless network has become an indispensable part of hotel service.


Five star hotel calls for five-star wireless coverage

The demand analysis of wireless coverage in large hotels is as follows:

A the layout in the hotel is relatively regular, which needs to meet the wireless full coverage of all guest rooms without blind spots;

B. it needs to meet the automatic switching of access points during the mobile process of wireless terminals, and the network is continuously connected, that is, wireless roaming;

C the decoration of the hotel is high-end, and the AP shape should be beautiful and generous. Poe power supply should be supported to meet the needs of fire control and wiring;

D AP supports unified management and configuration, and monitors the working status of each AP in real time, which makes operation and maintenance simple;

Install deployment

The lobby is relatively open, with few barriers. The ceiling AP covers a diameter of 20 meters in the open environment. The lobby of small and medium-sized hotels can be arranged with 2-3 APS according to the specific structure, and the lobby of large hotels can be increased as appropriate, as shown in the following figure:


AP layout of lobby

The hotel restaurant is relatively open and has few barriers. It can be deployed according to the size of the restaurant and the coverage of the ceiling AP. The distribution points are evenly distributed, as shown in the following figure:


Restaurant AP layout

The access environment of guest rooms is dense, there are many Wall barriers, and the attenuation of wireless signals is relatively large. One panel AP is recommended for each room. As shown in the following figure:


Room AP deployment

Program features

The scheme needs to use commercial wireless products to achieve coverage, and deploy in the way of wireless AP controller AC and fit AP. It has the following characteristics:

High availability: the AP adopts a professional antenna, and the transmission power is linearly adjustable. The transmission power of the AP can be reasonably adjusted according to the actual environment to meet the coverage needs of different areas.

Flexible roaming: fit AP wireless deployment architecture can set different APS to transmit the same SSID. When the wireless terminal moves between different APS under the same VLAN, it can quickly switch between different APS to realize rapid roaming across the two layers of the AP.

Easy to deploy: AP supports 802.3af standard Poe network cable power supply, which can directly replace the original network panel without rewiring, without damaging the original decoration of the room, and the construction is simple.

Manageability: FTT AP is uniformly managed by the wireless controller AC, which automatically discovers and uniformly manages the AP, and can view the operation status of the AP in real time, which is convenient for network management and maintenance.

Next, we will analyze the wireless coverage solutions of large hotels with actual cases.

Project introduction

Hubei Hanchuan Lakeside Hotel is the leading five-star hotel in Hanchuan City. It is located in the west of Hanchuan passenger station. It echoes with the municipal Party and government office building, Hanchuan No.1 middle school, and the Municipal People's hospital. It is a landmark hotel project in Hanchuan City. The design and decoration style of the hotel is fashionable, novel and majestic. It integrates accommodation, catering, leisure, entertainment and health care. The ground floor is 19 floors high and the underground parking is 1 floor. There are 229 single rooms, standard rooms, business suites, luxury suites and theme rooms; There are 6 banquet halls of various types that can accommodate 100-600 people at the same time, 6 luxury private rooms for Chinese food, as well as special restaurants, large, medium and small multi-function meeting rooms, constant temperature natatorium, cinema, KTV, gym, VR experience hall, chess and card room, foot therapy club, etc.

user demand 

A. the room, elevator room, public space and front desk shall be fully covered without dead corners, and the signal shall be stable

B it can provide a large number of people to access the Internet,

C. cloud management is required to ensure seamless roaming, load balancing, and automatic power regulation

D. equipment selection requires domestic well-known brands, in line with international standards, industry standards and other relevant standards, and the product performance is stable

E stable and reliable, with guaranteed after-sales service.

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides product and solution support for this project

Scheme topology

Wireless overlay topology



Equipment Selection 

The wireless coverage project of Hanchuan Binhu hotel adopts the overall solution of fengrunda wireless coverage to ensure the stability and reliability of the network.

The AP controller is fengrunda AC100, and fengrunda cloud management platform - can manage thousands of wireless APS, and supports cloud remote viewing of AP conditions, which is convenient, fast, simple to operate, and free to use.

Ceiling AP rd-w60ap. 300m wireless speed, maximum 100 MW power, good wall penetration effect. A single AP can meet 30 wireless clients' Internet access.

The elevator bridge rd-s350cpe saves the material cost and labor cost of the elevator dedicated line, and the construction period is short.

Program features

A rd-w60ap perfectly solves the wireless coverage needs of five-star hotels.

B all WiFi signals have a unified SSID to realize wireless roaming.

C realize port isolation to prevent ARP attacks and loop protection.

D the whole Wi-Fi design scheme is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.

E high standard scheme design enables the whole hotel to have no dead corner WiFi coverage.

F rd-s350cpe wireless bridge comprehensively solves the problem of elevator monitoring.

Customer value

A meet the needs of customers: the wireless coverage project can provide stable and comprehensive wireless WiFi coverage for public spaces and rooms of the hotel. In addition, the wireless WiFi coverage project provided by fengrunda can ensure that many people can access the Internet at the same time, and ensure their Internet fluency at the same time, providing them with stable wireless WiFi services. The wireless bridge makes the elevator no longer a dead corner of hotel monitoring.

B fengrunda's cost-effective WiFi solution ensures that users' wireless networks are safe, stable and fast. Fengrunda cloud platform realizes AP intelligent management.

C helps customers realize the unification of wireless SSID, greatly improves users' sense of online experience and facilitates customers' scientific management of wireless WiFi.

D the overall network is smooth and fast, and the services provided by fengrunda far exceed the initial needs of customers for our company.