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Wireless coverage project of the government hall of Siping people's government, Jilin Province

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In Northeast China, fengrunda has provided perfect wireless coverage solutions for the government and the people.

1、 Project name

Case study of wireless coverage scheme for the government hall of Siping City People's Government in Jilin Province


Project background

The government affairs hall of Siping Municipal People's Government in Jilin Province is an important part of Siping municipal government, which is mainly responsible for the related operation of government affairs, the openness of government affairs, and the work of government affairs for the people.

The total area of the government hall is more than 2000 square meters.

The program is committed to providing solutions for staff and visitors to the Internet.

customer demand

1. The wireless network signal needs to cover the office area of the whole hall, and the layout is beautiful;

2. The wireless signal shall be strong, stable and reliable, try to avoid interference and be able to roam seamlessly;

3. The wireless network must have strong anti-interference ability and try to be green and healthy;

4. The wireless network must have compatibility and scalability;

5. All APS are uniformly managed by AC to achieve real-time monitoring and management of APS;

6. An intelligent router with strong data forwarding and behavior management capabilities and firewall functions is required as the exit route;

7. The core switch needs to support the management of web interface, telnet and cli interface, and has a stable and powerful data forwarding capability;


According to the environmental analysis of the government hall of Siping people's Government in Jilin Province and the needs of customers, we use high-power ceiling mounted wireless APS rd-w168ap and rd-w68ap as wireless devices; Use Poe switch ps5081 to power the wireless AP and transmit data; Use the wireless AC100 controller to uniformly manage all wireless APS.

Schematic diagram of the scheme:


Products involved in the scheme

Rd-w168ap 12 high-power ceiling APS

8 rd-w68ap high-power ceiling mounted APS

One AC100 wireless AC controller

Ps5081 4 8-port Poe switches

Solve customer problems

1. The original network has not changed, and the access of wireless coverage related equipment has been smoothly expanded;

2. There is no need for cumbersome strong current wiring, and Poe switches are used for power supply;

3. The wireless device supports IEEE 802.11 n, and the theoretical throughput can reach 300 Mbps;

4. The entire wireless network has sufficient security capabilities, has a perfect authentication system, supports a variety of encryption methods, and analyzes the security status of the wireless network in real time;

5. The whole set of wireless network equipment provides management functions, and realizes dual AC management in combination with fengrunda AC platform, which can carry out real-time monitoring and analysis, and can carry out real-time early warning for equipment and network failures; The fault point and cause can be found in time after the fault occurs.

6. The wireless system should be able to display the status of the wireless AP, the access of wireless users, and the unified management and configuration of the wireless network.

Program value

1. Network management: use fengrunda AC controller or cloud AC platform to manage ap uniformly;

2. Security: wireless AP supports multiple encryption methods, which can effectively control and detect illegal access;

3. Network upgrading and expansion capacity: the entire wireless system needs to have flexible upgrading and expansion capacity to ensure the expansion of the entire office environment;

4. System compatibility: certain equipment compatibility issues shall be considered in the planning of the whole wireless network to ensure that the new equipment can operate normally in the wireless network.

5. Network load balancing: each AP in the wireless network has a load balancing function, which can balance the load on each AP according to the number of users or traffic of the system, so as to avoid the excessive load on an AP, which will degrade the performance of the wireless network in a region and cause link instability. The wireless network adjusted by load balancing has better network performance and can provide good wireless performance for more wireless terminals, Ensure the performance of wireless network.