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Wi-Fi coverage project of Beidaihe Liaoning nursing home of the all China Federation of trade unions

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1. Project name:

Wi-Fi coverage solution of Beidaihe Liaoning nursing home of the all China Federation of trade unions


2. Customer background:

Beidaihe sanatorium of all China Federation of trade unions is located at No. 9, Anyi Road, Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province (postal code 066100), mainly engaged in rest and recuperation, accommodation, tourism and other projects. At present, due to the continuous development of the project and the increasing flow of fixed and mobile people, the sanatorium needs to provide a stable wireless WiFi environment for the majority of customer groups. Therefore, fengrunda needs to provide it with a complete set of wireless Wi-Fi solutions.

3. Project requirements:

⑴ customers demand that the wireless coverage project can provide a smooth Internet environment for the staff and guests of the whole sanatorium at the same time.

⑵ the power supply and network environment provided by our Poe switch and wireless AP are required to be safe, efficient and high-speed.

(3) the whole sanatorium is required to be covered without dead corners

(4) ensure that the wireless network provided is safe, stable and fast.

(5) unified SSID is required to realize wireless roaming.

(6) port isolation is required to prevent ARP attacks and loop protection.

(7) be able to realize wechat certification, help it attract customer groups, and be conducive to its later brand marketing work.

4. Schematic diagram (topology diagram):


5. Scheme Description:

In order to meet the needs of customers, our company has adopted 130 fengrunda w25ap and 25 fengrunda w60ap signal transmission terminals in this project, so as to ensure that the WiFi signal is stable and covers the whole sanatorium without dead corners.

All wireless APS adopt equipment that supports Poe power supply function, while the AP back-end power supply equipment and signal transmission equipment (access layer) will uniformly use fengrunda Poe power supply switch ps5081 (22 sets).

The convergence layer adopts fengrunda full Gigabit Ethernet switch ns1024g with super large backplane bandwidth (52gbps), and cooperates with fengrunda Ac Manager to realize the function of unified management of wireless AP. The whole network is connected to the Internet through the WAN port of the exit router;

Our Poe power supply switch is connected in series to the LAN port of the router and connected to our wireless AP to supply power and data transmission, which is fast, stable and smooth. The traditional power supply mode is omitted, the whole scheme is beautiful, atmospheric and smooth, and unified cloud management is realized, which greatly facilitates the later operation, maintenance, management and other work of customers.

6. Scheme configuration list

product type

Product model

Specification description

Quantity used

Poe switch


Nine port 100m at\af protocol switch

22 PCS

Wireless AP


300m local cloud dual management wall AP

130 PCS

Wireless AP


300m local cloud dual management ceiling AP

25  PCS

Wireless controller


Local AC controller

1   PCS



Full Gigabit router

1  PCS

Ethernet switch 


Full Gigabit Ethernet switch

1  PCS

Wi-Fi project site construction drawing:

6. Program features:

⑴ fengrunda Poe switch can directly supply power to wireless AP and transmit data at the same time, which can greatly facilitate the installation, management and use of users.

⑵ the overall network is smooth and fast, and the services provided by fengrunda far exceed the initial needs of customers for our company.

⑶ all WiFi signals have unified SSID to realize wireless roaming.

(4) the wechat authentication function is realized for customers, which effectively helps customers realize the marketing function in the later operators.

(5) the whole Wi-Fi design scheme is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.

(6) realize no dead corner WiFi coverage in the whole sanatorium.

(7) realize port isolation to prevent ARP attacks and loop protection.