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Educational Networking Scheme
  • Wireless coverage project of the government hall of Siping people's government, Jilin Province
  • Wireless coverage project of office building of Zhengzhou locomotive depot of Henan Railway
  • Wi-Fi coverage project of Beidaihe Liaoning nursing home of the all China Federation of trade unions
  • Lao Tzu's hometown, escort for Luyi No. 3 senior high school
  • Xiong’an New District People’s Court Wireless Coverage Project
  • Fengrunda products help the construction of the monitoring system of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Army Chemical Defense College
  • Create a stable high-definition long-distance wireless monitoring for the Henan provincial government
  • Sanming Medical Technology Vocational and Technical College Campus Monitoring Network
  • Wireless Coverage Project of Tangshan Normal University
  • Build Zhengzhou Zhonghe Guoxue kindergarten campus security wireless integrated system