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MIGO Sleep Hotel

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Background of the project


The hotel has 128 luxurious rooms equipped with high-end customized bedding and all-intelligent equipment, a cafeteria, a 200-square-meter multi-functional conference hall, and a self-service laundry area. It also provides 24-hour front desk service to meet the needs of guests Station-based business travel needs. The guest rooms use stereo voice-controlled audio, automatic curtains, humanized intelligent lighting and thermostatic toilets, and use comfortable bedding, wooden furniture and fabric sofas to create a warm and comfortable stay experience for guests.



Project requirements


The whole project is divided into three parts: monitoring, wired network and customer control network;

The hotel is divided into the lobby, 3 floors of accommodation, and the floor of the conference room, all of which need to be monitored without dead ends;

The cable network part provides network for the front desk and IPTV in the room. The customer control network part provides the network for audio voice control, automatic curtains, and humanized intelligent lighting to realize voice control.



Scheme topology



Plan description


Wired network and customer control network use NS2024G full gigabit access to ensure high-speed and stable front-end wired network. The monitoring network uses PS2024G full Gigabit POE power supply to ensure smooth monitoring images.


The 10 Gigabit switch S5700-48G-4TF is used as the core switch, and the access switch is Gigabit access and Gigabit uplink to ensure high-speed data transmission without bottlenecks.


As a core router, M500 has traffic analysis and control, multiple enterprise-level security mechanisms, and multi-service integration to ensure the integration of monitoring, wired network, and customer control network.


Program advantages


1. The APOLLO system is combined with Fengrunda switches, with automatic detection function. With the blessing of AI, it can intelligently schedule network resources, and automatically optimize network resources for monitoring, wired and wireless, and customer control integration.


2. Customer control AIOT PASS big data collection and analysis of customer control preferences: it can count the customer control methods, scene modes, and air conditioning temperatures that guests prefer.


3. Guest-controlled AIOT energy consumption management reduces energy consumption costs: It can realize intelligent management of air conditioning and lighting in hotel public areas, reduce energy consumption of central air conditioning in hotels, and realize intelligent management of room air conditioning and lighting.


customer value


1. In the whole scene, hotel intelligent control helps to upgrade hotel products and improve hotel quality;

2. High security, safe and stable operation, protect customer privacy;

3. Easy maintenance, online network supervision platform, low cost and convenient maintenance;

4. Strong operation, integrated digital platform, clear at a glance, amplifying value for digital empowerment;

5. Improve customer experience in an all-round way.