Commercial Supermarkets Create high quality monitoring network for Wanda cinema

Create high quality monitoring network for Wanda cinema

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       1The background:
       The Wanda Cinema was established in 2005 and is part of the Wanda Group. As of June 30, 2014, there are 150 cinemas in more than 80 cities across the country. Since 2014, Wanda Cinema will add more than 400 screens per year. It is planned to open 260 Cinemas in 2016. 2,300 screens, ranking first in China's market share. On January 22, 2015, Wanda Cinema officially landed in the A-share market and became the first Chinese cinema.

      2. The project requirement:

1. Customer require our network monitoring project can help Wanda Cinemas across the country to provide stable and smooth monitoring video (each Wanda Cinemas needs to cover 30-40 monitoring cameras according to different areas)

        2. This project provides stable power supply equipment for video solutions of Wanda Cinemas in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and other places.

        3. Ensure that the power supply environment provided by our PoE switch makes the video surveillance network of Wanda Studio project system safe, stable, efficient and high-speed.

        4. It is required to cooperate with the stable, continuous power supply and smooth flow of the front-end video surveillance equipment.


3. The project diagram (topology diagram):

       4. The project description:

The entire network is connected to the access PoE switch by the front-end PoE camera; the access PoE switch is aggregated to the Gigabit aggregation switch, connected to the NVR, connected to the large-screen monitor, and the entire wiring link ensures fast and stable power supply and data transmission of the camera, and smooth video. It saves the traditional power supply wiring, beautiful, convenient and smooth.

       5. Monitoring project site:


According to the customer's needs, the monitoring will cover every studio, and ensure that there is no dead space in each studio hall and corridor.

       6. Fengrunda product model and specification

Products Type




Aggregation switch


24 port full gigabit aggregation switch


Access switch


16 port 100Mbps PoE switch


      7. Project features:

1. Fengrunda PoE switch can directly supply power to network IPC and transmit data at the same time, which can greatly facilitate the installation, management and use of users.

        2. The smooth and fast operation of the overall video network monitoring solution, Fengrunda's services far exceed the customer's initial demand.

2.      The features of video network monitoring IPC: stable signal, no drop, packet loss, stuck phenomenon.

        4, The video surveillance program cost-effective, easy to manage and maintain.

       8. The value

1. Fengrunda's cost-effective PoE power transmission solution perfectly guarantees Wanda Cinemas has a good surveillance video solution.

2. Fengrunda PoE switch makes the video monitoring of Wanda monitoring system save the traditional cable cost, beautiful, easy to manage, and ensure network security, stability, high efficiency and high speed.

3. Fengrunda PoE switch achieve the requirements, with the stability of the front-end video surveillance equipment, continuous power supply, smooth, and ensure that the entire monitoring system can work smoothly.

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