Public Security Helping Daming Culture Park to Build a Security Wireless Integrated Network

Helping Daming Culture Park to Build a Security Wireless Integrated Network

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The Ming Dynasty culture is an important part of the Chinese traditional culture, and the filial piety culture is an important part of the traditional Chinese virtue. The Bengbu Daming Cultural Park is a Huimin project that implements the development of Chinese outstanding culture and traditional virtues. It aims to build a cultural industrial park integrating sightseeing, tourism, leisure and vacation on the basis of excavating the historical and historical heritage of the unique and distinct culture.  Fengrunda is mainly to provide wireless coverage and security monitoring solutions for 2 detached hotels and bathing centers in the Daming Cultural Park.

Project Background

Daming Cultural Park is a major construction project of “861” in Anhui Province. It covers a total area of 9,570 mu, with a planned initial area of 5,121 mu and a construction land of 883.5 mu. The total investment is expected to be 2.509 billion yuan. It is the key promotion project of Anhui Provincial Government Leadership, Anhui Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, National Cultural Industry Demonstration Park Key Project, National Cultural Industry Key Project, and National Preferred Tourism Project.

Daming Culture Park is located at the foot of Xilu Mountain in the southeastern suburbs of Bengbu. It is adjacent to the University City and has convenient transportation. It is a good place for the general public to spend their leisure time on vacation.


Project requirements

The Daming Park project includes security monitoring and wireless coverage. Buildings No. 1 and No. 2 are detached hotels with a total of 245 rooms, and Building No. 3 is a bathing center.

Wireless coverage requirement:

1. The hotel's rooms, public spaces, reception desks and other areas are fully covered by wireless, and the signal is stable.

2, Providing a large number of people online.

3, Achieving seamless roaming, customers do not need to log in again during the walk.

4. The building is a reinforced concrete structure, which requires strong signal penetration.

Security monitoring requirements:

1. Ensure that all areas are fully covered without dead angle monitoring.

2, The monitoring part requires high pixel, smooth video, as much as possible to save costs and construction time, to avoid affecting normal business and customer rest.

3. The system needs easy maintenance and management, and the monitor can grasp the running status of the system at any time through a simple interface.

4. Ensure that the wiring is simple and convenient, and the high safety performance.

Project topology


-Project topology-

Construction site map

Project feature

1. According to the structure of the building, the wireless coverage project uses 245pcs Fengrunda in-wall APs and 66pcs ceiling-mounted APs.

2. The scheme adopts seamless roaming design to meet the service requirements of customers who do not drop the line and high-speed Internet access anytime, anywhere. The AP is a fat and thin supports PoE power supply.

3, Fengrunda PoE switch can directly supply power to the camera and transmit data at the same time, which can greatly facilitate the installation, management and use

4, PoE wiring solution, fully meet the characteristics of wiring and high security.

5, PoE switch monitoring program features: wiring is simple and convenient; reduce construction, shorten the construction period, save costs.

6, the entire network program cost-effective, easy to manage and maintain.

The value

1. Solved the problem of interference and weakening of the building materials of the hotel.

2. Meet the requirements of the customer's seamless roaming experience.

3, Achievie full coverage of the hotel without dead ends.

4, Reduce the cost of materials, so that Party A really got the benefits.

5. Avoid potential safety hazards and shorten the construction period of the project.

6, Simple and convenient, easy to maintain, and truly reduce construction costs.

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