Government & Enterprises & Campus China Ministry of Commerce Retirement staffs University Wireless Coverage project

China Ministry of Commerce Retirement staffs University Wireless Coverage project

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        WIFI is around us and make us enjoy the life. In CHINA, for adult people, we even take up 3.65 hours per day on WIFI Device. It makes our communication without the space.

       Our retirement staffs also start enjoy this colorful life. They also want to do more for our country. And so huge and convinced used about WIFI technology and device cannot come true without WIFI AP support. Here is WIFI Solution for Retirement staffs University from HORED and come into practice.


        China Ministry of Commerce Retirement staffs University Wireless Coverage projec

    Project Background

China Ministry of Commerce Retirement staffs University set up in September 1992.It is the member belong to the Retirement staffs University association. It is mainly responsible for the organization and foreign cultural exchanges of the retired staffs in our department, and organization the work of the painting, photography and some other habit.

  University is held at different place and each section has over 600 people take part in.


        Customer Request:

       1. WIFI Signal should cover all the space within university;
       2. WIFI Signal should stable and not disturber
       3. WIFI Signal should safety
       4.WIFI Signal should be compatible and extendable

     HORED offer the solution and technology support

       In order match the project holder request, we offer the high power ceiling mount WIFI AP RD-W68AP and use the POE Switch PS3016L to offer the power for AP device.


 Reference Model

             RD-W68AP High power ceiling mount APAP         

             PS3016L   PoE Switch             


        1. No need change any original equipment and cover the all space with WIFI;
        2. No need wired on building , POE cable is enough;
        3. Support IEEE 802.11 n, Reach 300Mbps;
        4. Multi encryption make sure the whole system in safe and do necessary analyze;
        5. It will display the AP situation, User connection and do the the management and configure.

       1.Internet upgrades and extends: It will flexible for your upgrade whole system while you need.
       2. Compatible: Entire WIFI projects are already consider the compatibles issue and make sure the new device will run well.
       3. Network load balancing: Each AP in the wireless network has a load balancing function. The load on each AP can be balanced according to the number of users in the system or the flowing, so that the load on an AP is too large. The performance of the wireless network is degraded, resulting in unstable links. The wireless network after load balancing adjustment has better network performance, can provide good wireless performance for more wireless terminals, and guarantee the performance of the wireless network.

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