Hotels Wireless coverage project of Xi’an Xinyuan scenery chain hotel in Shaanxi Province

Wireless coverage project of Xi’an Xinyuan scenery chain hotel in Shaanxi Province

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In the information age, with the rapid development of global information technology and wireless network, people's demand for wireless Internet is becoming stronger and stronger. Besides accommodation, catering and leisure, the network has become an indispensable part of life. Customers bring smart phones and iPad tablets to consume, and they are required to browse the Internet, QQ and wechat anytime and anywhere. Providing high-quality wireless signal and good Internet experience has become one of the most basic service functions.

With the development of technology, the speed of wireless network continues to improve, in the daily Internet and ordinary office areas, as well as public places, services, wireless networks gradually replace the wired network.

There are three different types of coverage schemes for wireless network coverage, one is indoor coverage scheme, one is outdoor coverage scheme, and the other is indoor + outdoor coverage scheme. For example, the wireless AP layout of hotel wireless coverage:

Combined with specific case projects, the following explains how the widely used wireless coverage solution of chain hotels breaks the situation

Project case name

Wireless coverage solution of HORED Landscape Hotel


Xinyuan scenery hotel is located in a chain hotel in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The hotel is adjacent to the Western e-mall and a number of universities and colleges, with complete catering, food and living service facilities.

customer demand

Wireless coverage requirements of the hotel chain:

A chain hotel rooms, public space, reception desk and other areas of wireless full coverage, and signal stability

B can provide a large number of people to access the Internet,

C requires cloud management to ensure seamless roaming, load balancing and automatic power regulation

D. equipment selection requires domestic well-known brands, in line with international standards, industry standards and other relevant standards, and product performance is stable

E. stable and reliable, after-sales guarantee.

Shenzhen fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides product and solution support for this project

Scheme topology diagram (single hotel as an example)

The wireless coverage project of Xinyuan landscape chain hotel adopts fengrunda wireless coverage overall solution, brand products, excellent quality, high technology content, to ensure the network stability and reliability.

The switch is fengrunda df5700-24g-4tf, various types of Gigabit Poe switch, stable and reliable data transmission.

The AP controller is fengrunda AC100, fengrunda cloud management platform - can manage thousands of wireless AP, support cloud remote viewing AP situation, convenient and fast, easy to operate, free of charge.

AP, rd-w66ap, rd-w68ap. The coverage area is wide, and the wall penetration effect is good. A single AP can meet the needs of 30 wireless clients.

Features of the scheme

 A rd-w66ap and rd-w68ap perfectly meet the wireless coverage requirements of chain hotels.

 B AC100 implements unified management of AP.

C fengrunda Poe switch ensures power supply and data transmission.

D all WiFi signals are unified SSID to realize wireless roaming.

E the whole Wi-Fi design is cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain.


F high standard scheme design realizes WiFi coverage without dead corner for the whole chain hotel.


G weak signal elimination function to ensure the stability of the scheme.

Programme value

A network management: AC100 carries out unified management on AP to effectively improve the effectiveness of equipment;

B security: wireless AP supports a variety of encryption methods, which can effectively control and detect illegal access;

C network upgrade and expansion capability: the whole wireless system needs to have flexible upgrade and expansion ability to ensure the need of the whole hotel network expansion;

D system compatibility: the planning of the whole wireless network should consider the compatibility of certain devices to ensure the normal operation of the new equipment in the wireless network.

E Network load balancing: each AP in the wireless network has the load balancing function, which can balance the load on each AP according to the number of users or the flow of the system, so as to avoid that the load on an AP is too large, resulting in the decline of the wireless network performance in a certain area, resulting in the instability of the link. The wireless network after load balancing adjustment has better network performance More wireless terminals provide good wireless performance to ensure the performance of wireless network.

F Poe switch perfectly solves power transmission and data transmission, improves work efficiency and saves resource cost.

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