Public Security Building a quality wireless monitoring system for Beijing Shidu Scenic Spot

Building a quality wireless monitoring system for Beijing Shidu Scenic Spot

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1、project background
     The project is a wireless monitoring project for Beijing Shidu Scenic Spot.
Shidu Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Fangshan District, Beijing. It is the only large-scale karst karst landform in northern China. Shidu Scenic Area is China's national AAAA scenic spot and China National Geopark. On September 17, 2006, UNESCO officially approved and awarded the China Fangshan World Geopark. The successful application of the park has added a science-based world geopark to Beijing, which has made Beijing the first capital city in the world to have a “world geological park”.

There are eight parks in Fangshan World Geopark, among which Shidu is the core park of the eight parks, Shidu Park. In order to better manage the scenic spot and ensure the safety of tourists, it was decided to install a wireless monitoring system in the Shidu Scenic Area.

      According to the actual environment, it is seamlessly built on the basis of the original transmission system, and it is economical, convenient and beautiful. Therefore, it is decided to adopt a wireless video surveillance system. In this project, Feng Runda mainly acts as a transmission equipment provider for wireless monitoring systems, providing high-quality, high-performance wireless bridge equipment to ensure the smooth completion of wireless monitoring systems.

       2、project needs

        In order to build a wireless monitoring system with clear picture, high early warning, strong controllability, and timely command and dispatch, the following requirements must be met:
        1. Ensure that the network is connected to monitoring points distributed in various areas to monitor real-time in and around the surrounding areas of Shidu Scenic Area;
        2, effectively avoid the same frequency or other interference sources to ensure that the transmission picture is clearly visible;
        3, easy to install and install, shorten the project construction cycle as much as possible, improve safety warning;
        4, effectively resisting the intrusion of outdoor bad weather, ensuring stable and smooth network transmission;
        5, to facilitate the system's later expansion and maintenance management;

       三,solution design
       According to the customer's demand, the monitoring picture is clear and the transmission is stable. Fengrunda decided to use the RD-S400CPE outdoor wireless bridge as the transmission backbone device in the wireless transmission network. The bridge is waterproof, sun-proof, lightning-proof, and built-in modules, eliminating the need for cumbersome power wiring.

       According to the monitoring scope and the distribution of monitoring points, 40 pairs of RD-S400CPE bridges are used and installed in various areas around the Shidu Scenic Area. One-to-one, one receiving video signals from the surveillance camera. The other sends the video signal to the monitoring center.
        Through the display screen of the monitoring center, the manager can monitor the situation inside and around the Shidu scenic spot in real time to ensure the safe and orderly management of the scenic spot.

    Schematic diagram of the scheme:


      4、equipment on-site installation

       The construction personnel need to install the surveillance camera and the transmitting wireless bridge at the front end, then install the receiving wireless bridge in the monitoring center of the back end, connect the NVR and the monitor, and complete the hardware installation of the whole system.
        The installation of the whole system is very simple, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and time cost. The control of each image in the back-end monitoring room is very simple, which is beneficial to optimize management.
        During the installation, you need to pay attention to determine the location of the monitoring center. Try not to block the transmitting end and the receiving end as much as possible. After the installation is complete, you need to configure a valid IP address and perform calibration and debugging.

        live situation:

Front Camera and Bridge Installation

Bridge Installation and Commissioning

Front Camera and Bridge Installation

Monitoring display wall

       5、Five, solution features

       1. The whole transmission scheme design and the selected wireless bridge equipment are convenient, beautiful and efficient, and are compatible with the project environment and project requirements.
        2. The wireless transmission system has low investment cost and high scalability, and can be realized only by adding front-end equipment, transmitting end and receiving end bridge.
        3. Through the construction of the wireless monitoring system, the urgent task of the safety monitoring of the Shidu scenic spot was successfully solved, which provided convenience for the later management.

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