Real Estate Park Create an efficient elevator wireless monitoring project for Xi’an Huafu New Taoyuan Community

Create an efficient elevator wireless monitoring project for Xi’an Huafu New Taoyuan Community

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The elevator is a important area for community monitoring, and it is also a multi-issue area for various events, and it is easy to become a dead angle for monitoring for various reasons. Elevator monitoring also faces many challenges in solution design and wiring, and the elevator-specific wireless bridge effectively solves this problem, making engineering design and construction easier, and the situation inside the elevator is clear.

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So, the question is coming, how to play the elevator wireless bridge?

First of all, we must understand the environment of the elevator. Although there is no climate and weather impact, there are various kinds of radiation and interference in the elevator and elevator shaft. To carry out the transmission of elevator monitoring data well, two conditions must be met: anti-interference, The resulting interference is relatively small. That is to say, the wireless bridge used in the elevator must not only resist certain interference, but also cannot generate other interferences.

It is because of the special nature of the environment of the elevator, so the elevator control will generally use the elevator wireless bridge, rather than ordinary outdoor wireless bridge.
Compared with outdoor bridges, elevator bridges are optimized in some aspects, which is more conducive to elevator monitoring and transmission. Moreover, since the requirement itself cannot generate a large amount of interference, the transmission power of the elevator wireless bridge and the antenna gain cannot be too large.

Here we combine the latest case of a project to analyze it:

project name
Xi'an Huafu New Taoyuan Community Elevator Wireless Monitoring Project

project Background

Xi'an Huafu New Taoyuan Project is located at the southwest corner of Xi'er Ring and South Second Ring Road. It is adjacent to Tangyan North Road in the east, Dazhai Road in the south, Fengying Road in the west and Planning Road in the north. The project covers an area of 58.8 mu. With an area of 180,000 square meters, the project has a superior location and belongs to the core and noble residential area of Xigaoxin.

High-end residential requirements call for high-end security monitoring, requiring full monitoring coverage of community elevators.
Fengrunda RD-S350CPE 2.4G wireless bridge, ideal for solving elevator monitoring problems.

demand analysis

As a high-end life community, Huafu New Taoyuan needs to have full coverage of security monitoring, a complete elevator monitoring system is essential, wired monitoring and investment costs are large, construction period is long, and the overall building appearance is affected, and it is constructed by elevator wireless bridge. The wireless monitoring solution is the best choice for this project.
The main factors are:
a Elevator monitoring does not take the elevator line to ensure smooth monitoring screen;
b Using digital network monitoring to perform 24-hour video surveillance on the safety of the elevator;
c Monitoring video needs to be stable, reliable, clear and smooth;
d Wiring requirements are simple and convenient, and high security.

4solution design and construction

There are 23 elevators in this community that require wireless monitoring and are mostly high-rise buildings.
Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. As the wireless bridge equipment supplier and technical guidance in this project

According to the monitoring requirements, Fengrunda Wireless Bridge RD-S350 is selected as the wireless monitoring transmission equipment. The scheme topology is as follows:

5solution description

Fengrunda RD-S350 elevator wireless bridge is used to save the material cost of the elevator dedicated cable and save labor costs,  short construction period.

Monitoring project site: According to customer needs, a wireless bridge is installed at the top of the building (the top of the car or the bottom of the car) and the bottom of the elevator to form a view, instead of the video line, to ensure that there is no occlusion between the transmission channels, to achieve stable transmission of wireless signals.

Device list

Device type Model.No Model.No Specification
Elevator wireless bridge RD-S350

2.4GHz,300Mbps 12dBi

solution advantage

a Eliminate cumbersome manual wiring;
b Eliminate wire cost
c Reduce unnecessary troubles for maintenance in future
d Easy installation, save time and short project period

7Customer value

a Meet the three major needs of the project construction: save time, save labor, simple and easy ;
b Fengrunda wireless bridge, not only cost-effective, but also provides stronger stability;
c Help customers to achieve efficient elevator wireless monitoring, smooth video, easy maintenance.

It can be seen that the elevator wireless bridge is with very important practical value for solving the full coverage of community security monitoring, it is a reliable security weapon.

PS: I am very grateful to our partners for their professional work and support in the elevator . The growth and success of Fengrunda cannot be separated from your hard work and sweat.

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