Public Security Building a wireless bridge monitoring system for Xiqiao Park in Tianjin

Building a wireless bridge monitoring system for Xiqiao Park in Tianjin

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First,Project Name: Xiqiao Park, Tianjin

Second,Project Background: Xiqiao Fitness Center covers an area of 11,000 square meters and is located in Xiqiao Park, Hongqiao District, Tianjin.
Since the National Games settled in Tianjin, the municipal government has actively improved and renovated the national fitness facilities. After several investigations, the location was selected in the Xiqiao Park. Modern, technological swimming pools, basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, and martial arts performance venues have become a national stadium for condensing vitality and enriching culture in Tianjin.

Third,Project Needs:

1. Require swimming pool, football field, badminton court, table tennis fitness area, basketball court and other fitness areas to monitor no dead angle coverage!

2. The original buildings such as existing cement floors and original lines are not allowed to be clothed in the park.

3. Ensure the safety of personnel in the park and require transmission stable, efficient, simple and convenient.

Scheme topology

Fourth,Solution Description :

According to the needs of Party A, the 5.8G and 900M anti-jamming and high-rate wireless bridge transmissions of model S400 were selected. In the case of not destroying the original buildings and lines, the video transmission of each field is guaranteed, and the construction party and Party A are highly recognized and appreciated!

Fifth,The Construction Site Picture Appreciation:

Sixth,Solution Features

1. This project adopts Fengrunda wireless bridge without dialing code and plug and play. The installation is simple and convenient, and the important thing is anti-interference!

2. safety first! The overall scheme adopts wireless transmission, no wiring is required, that is, there is no phenomenon of tearing and tearing, and the original structure of the field area is not damaged.

3. Easy installation and simple maintenance, speed up the construction progress and reduce construction costs.
4. easy to manage, easy to maintain, safe!

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