Public Security Help Beijing Christian Fengtai Hall to build a high quality wireless monitoring network

Help Beijing Christian Fengtai Hall to build a high quality wireless monitoring network

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Christianity is the collective name for the various sects who worship Jesus Christ as the Savior, also known as Christianity. It is based on the birth, preaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity and Buddhism and Islam are also called the three major religions. However, Christianity is the world's largest religion in terms of both scale and influence.

Beijing Christian Fengtai Hall is located in the south of the Yuquanying overpass in Fengtai District with convenient transportation. It was built in 2004 and officially delivered in December 2006. The total construction area is 2,390 square meters and the land area is 7,000 square meters.
The church is a place of religious activity and a public place of society. Therefore, the installation and monitoring of the church is also a requirement of public safety.
Project Background
Beijing Fengtaitang has a unique shape, like a peacock with an open screen to reflect the beauty of all things; and like a horn, the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. Looking down at Fengtai Hall, it has a spiral shape, which has a strong sense of movement, reflects the vitality of all things in the world and human beings, and also shows the powerful vitality of Christianity in the millennium. The clock tower consists of two curved walls that form a perfect combination of herringbone and the cross, telling people that this is a path of eternal life.
Fengtai Hall is a love project built by the Beijing Municipal Government for Christianity and is one of the landmark buildings in Fengtai District.
Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. provides product and technical solution support for the church wireless monitoring project.

Project Requirements

In order to build a wireless monitoring system with clear picture, high early warning, strong controllability, and timely command and dispatch, the following requirements must be met:
1. Ensure that the network is connected to monitoring points distributed in various areas to monitor real-time in and around Fengtai Hall.
2. Effectively avoid the same frequency or other interference sources to ensure that the transmission picture is clearly visible.
3. It is convenient for wiring installation, shortening the project construction period as much as possible, and improving safety warning.
4. Effectively resist outdoor bad weather and ensure stable and smooth network transmission.
5. Ensure the safety of church believers while requiring stable, efficient, simple and convenient transmission, and facilitate system expansion and maintenance management.

Scheme Topology

Equipment Site Installation Situation
The construction personnel need to install the surveillance camera and the transmitting wireless bridge at the front end, then install the receiving wireless bridge in the monitoring center of the back end, connect the NVR and the monitor, and complete the hardware installation of the whole system.
The installation of the whole system is very simple, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and time cost. The control of each image in the back-end monitoring room is very simple, which is beneficial to optimize management.

Solution Characteristics
1. The whole transmission scheme design and the selected wireless bridge equipment are convenient, beautiful and efficient, and are compatible with the project environment and project requirements.
2. The wireless transmission system has low investment cost and high scalability, and can be realized only by adding front-end equipment, transmitting end and receiving end bridge.
3. Through the construction of the wireless monitoring system, the urgent task of the safety monitoring of Fengtai Church was successfully solved, which provided convenience for the later management.

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