Government & Enterprises & Campus Create a stable high-definition long-range wireless monitoring for the Henan provincial government

Create a stable high-definition long-range wireless monitoring for the Henan provincial government

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        Project Background
      The project is a wireless monitoring project of the Henan Provincial Government. The Henan Provincial Government is the national administrative organ of Henan Province. It is located at Wei’er Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. In order to better protect people's lives and property, it is decided to install a CCTV system around the provincial government building.

       According to the actual situation, it is built on the basis of the original transmission system, and considers the economical, convenient and beautiful, wireless CCTV System will be the best choice. In this project, HORED mainly acts as a transmission equipment provider for wireless monitoring systems, providing high-quality, high-performance wireless bridge equipment to ensure the smooth completion of wireless monitoring systems.

        Project Request
       In order to build a wireless monitoring system with high differentiated image, advance warning, controllability and convenient command and dispatch, the following requirements must be met:
       1.Ensure that the network is connected to monitoring points distributed in various areas for real-time monitoring of various areas around the provincial government.
       2.Effectively avoid the same frequency or other sources of interference to ensure that the transmission picture is clearly visible;
       3.Easy to install, shorten project construction period as much as possible, improve safety warning;
       4.Effectively resist outdoor environment and ensure stable and smooth network transmission;
       5.Facilitate system expansion and maintenance management;

       System Design
       According to the customer's demand, and make sure the high quality image and stable transmission, HORED decided to use the RD-W353CPE outdoor wireless bridge as the transmission device. It is waterproof, sun-proof, lightning-proof, built-in 12dBi gain antenna, wireless speed 300Mbps, transmission distance 1~3km, built-in module, without extra power wiring.
       According to the scope and the distribution of monitoring points, 14 pairs of RD-W353CPE bridges are used and installed in each channel and entrance of the provincial government. The farthest transmission distance is 1 km, one-to-one. The station receives the video signal from the surveillance camera and the other transmits the video signal to the monitoring center.
       Administrator can monitor the roads around the provincial government in real time through the TV WALL of the monitoring center.

        Projects Topology:


       The construction workers need to install the surveillance camera and the transmitting wireless bridge first, and then install the receiving wireless bridge in the monitoring center. After connect the NVR and the monitor, it will complete the hardware installation of the whole system.
       The whole installation is very simple, and save a lot of human cost, material resources and time. Calling the image of each channel is very easy and benefits the management.
       During the installation, you need to pay attention to determine the location of the monitoring center. Try not to block the transmitting end and the receiving end as much as possible. After the installation is complete, you need to configure a valid IP address and perform calibration and debugging.

        Present situation:

IPC and WIFI Bridge transmitter installation

WIFI Bridge receiver installation and adjustment

TV Wall Display

       Solution advantage
       1.Whole system uses the WIFI Bridge to match the environment request, convenient, effective and beautiful.
       2.Investment is low and benefits enlarge more devices in the system in future.
       3.Save more time and solve the Henan Provincial government’s request.

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