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Create a high quality bridge monitoring network to help Dasha River governance

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The Dasha River of Dasha River in Xinle County, Shijiazhuang originates from Shanxi and flows through the four counties of Muping, Quyang, Xingtang and Xinle. Because of its sandy river, it is called Dasha River. For thousands of years, the Dasha River and the Qinghe River show, the two sides of the river are shaded, the lush is lush, the rice flowers are fragrant, and the scenery is beautiful. It is known as the "Northern Jiangnan".

In recent years, the lawless elements have forgotten their interests and squandered the iron in the river, causing the river to stop flowing and sand into mountains! The artificial environment is horrendous, and the beautiful natural scenes of the past are terrible!

The following picture is a comparison of the scene after the Dasha River environment was not destroyed and the Dasha River was subjected to crazy sand and the environment was seriously damaged.

▍Image source: See watermark. The picture above was taken in 1992 and the picture below was taken in July 2014. The same position, perspective, contrast on the eve, shocking.

▍Image source: See watermark. The picture above was taken in 1992 and the picture below was taken in April 2016. The Dasha River in the past was blue and blue, and now it is unrecognizable. However, the illegal sand shovel remains.

One of the reasons for the illegal sand blasters is that the Dasha River was not effectively monitored due to the regional and environmental factors of the Dasha River. The following is a important point monitoring solution for 2,000 meters on both sides of the Dasha River viaducts, such as the illegal sanding point of the Dasha River, the Xinshi high-speed way, and the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao high-speed way.

Project Name

Illegal Sand Control in Dasha River, Xinle County, Shijiazhuang

Project Background

The Dasha River is an important water system from the north to the south of the Taihang Mountains. The Zhangshi high-speed way, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau and 107 National Roads pass through the Dasha River. Many years ago, the reeds along the Dasha River were full of waterfowls. Later, sand mining changed the surrounding environment. However, the scope of sand mining was still expanding year by year. The sand in the middle of the river could not satisfy the appetite of the sand collectors. They gradually turned their targets to the floodplains of some villagers. Some of these improved floodplains have been planted with crops, while others have planted trees. At present, the river beach on the bank of the Dasha River has been eroded beyond recognition, and the sand is full of dead roots.

Project Requirements

1. It is required to focus on the monitoring of 2000 meters on both sides of the Dasha River viaducts such as Xinshi high-speed way and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau high-speed way.

2. Key monitoring of illegal sand mining sites in the Dasha River.

3. Focus on the monitoring of agricultural plantations on the river.


Scheme Topology


Solution Description

According to the needs of Party A, the 5.8G, 900M anti-jamming and high-rate wireless bridge transmission with the model S400 was selected.

Due to the wide geographical area and the inability to implement the wiring method, it is recommended to use wireless transmission. The final result fully meets the requirements and is praised by the construction party and the user.

Construction Site Image Appreciation

Solution Characteristics

1. This project adopts Fengrunda wireless bridge, no need to dial code, plug and play, easy to install, and important is anti-jamming!

2. The overall scheme adopts wireless transmission, no wiring is required, that is, there is no phenomenon of tearing and pulling the side.

3. Easy installation and simple maintenance, speed up the construction progress and reduce the construction cost.

4. easy to manage, easy to maintain, safe!

Customer Value

1. To meet the needs of customers, the solution has played a key role in monitoring the illegal sand mining points in the rivers.

2. FengRunda anti-jamming wireless bridge construction solution, so that Party A is full of praise, the original need to drive, walk a few kilometers to reach the site monitoring, management, now only need to monitor remote monitoring can be timely detection, timely processing, Played an important role in preventing micro-duration.

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