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Tianjin Yinzhou Shanshuiyuan Hotel Wireless Coverage

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As handheld terminals are deeply integrated into every aspect of people's daily lives, some people even say that WiFi is like the air and water in our daily lives. Sometimes, there is no feeling. If it is missing, it is impossible. Take the scenic spot hotel, the quality of the wireless network will have a great impact on the hotel guest experience and satisfaction, and even affect the occupancy rate of the hotel.

Of course, It should be the high performance WIFI Service, not just cover.

Comprehensive:The hotel's wireless Internet signal must cover the entire hotel building, all wireless SSID unified name, and need to do hotel seamless roaming Internet, whether in the hotel lobby, hotel corridor or hotel restaurant can automatically switch network, Free link to the hotel's wireless signal, guests in the same room can connect to the Internet at the same time.

Indulgence:The Internet speed must be fast. You can't slow down the network speed because of the number of people connected to the wireless or the location. You need to meet the online needs of the guests to watch movies, listen to music, play games, chat and so on.

Flexibility:Regardless of whether the guest is using the iOS system or the android system, whether it is a tablet or a mobile phone, you must be free to download and enjoy the application via wireless Internet access.

Convenience: When installing wireless WiFi, the hotel must reduce the hotel's network cabling work and cost investment, and try to avoid the construction of broken walls, racks, and threading in the rooms. Security: Network security issues, especially internal network security issues, are getting worse. Taking into account the security of the hotel's office network, guests can set up a special channel for guests to access the free wireless network. Customers can only access Internet information through the wireless network, and cannot access other resources of the hotel's office network, thus effectively ensuring the security of the hotel's internal network.

Certified Internet:You can prevent the network and help the hotel to establish a dedicated advertising marketing network. Customers can access the Internet without asking for a password. The powerful cloud database can analyze passenger data and analyze customer data to improve sales.


Here is one success case about the hotel update.

Project Name:Tianjin Yinzhou Shanshuiyuan Hotel Wireless Coverage

Project Backgroud

This hotel is located in Tianjing city. It has many entertainment devices such as KTV, PINGPONG Room and so on. It has the best location as it is close to many famous viewing.

Project Request

1. It has 3 floors and each floors should be have independent network system.

2. 36 accommodation rooms, 3 conference halls, full reinforced concrete structure, requiring strong signal penetration.

3. The customer requires the hotel, office area with full coverage, while achieving seamless roaming.

Products Selected

HORED POE Switch PS3024  

AP: W68AP      

Remote: AC 100


Installation Photo


1. According to the structure of the building, HORED high-power wireless ceiling APW68AP is adopted. The transmission power of this equipment is 500 mW, and the ability to penetrate the wall is strong.

2. W68AP supports POE power supply, supports AC unified management, and is convenient for construction and maintenance.
3. The whole scheme is powered by HORED POE switch, which has the characteristics and advantages of simple, safe, efficient and fast wiring.

4. The program adopts a seamless roaming design to meet the service needs of customers who do not drop the line and high-speed Internet access anytime, anywhere.

Customer value

1. HORED high-power wireless ceiling APW68AP, the device has a transmitting power of 500 mW and has strong wall-piercing capability, which solves the problem of signal interference and weakening of hotel building materials.

2. Adopt seamless roaming design to meet the requirements of customers' seamless roaming experience. Whether in the hotel lobby, the corridor or the hotel restaurant, you can automatically switch networks.

3. AC unified management and PoE unified power supply, avoiding the construction of broken walls, racking pipes and threading in the guest room, reducing the network wiring work and cost investment of the hotel.

4. WEB certification, WeChat certification, QQ certification, SMS authentication and other certification support, can prevent the network and help the hotel to establish a dedicated advertising marketing network.


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