Fengrunda New 2016 Annual Meeting Successful end

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       Bid farewell to the busy 2015, ushered in the new 2016! New year, it gave birth to the new goals and hope. January 23, 2016, rich New Year of 2016 in Vienna, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen Longhua International Hotel, staff and leaders gathered together to celebrate.

      After the party started ,general manager Gary Feng do the New Year's speech. First Gary Feng expressed sincere thanks and give sincere New Year's blessing  to every employee's efforts and dedication.  After the 2015 review of the brilliant results achieved rich. In 2015, the number of employees looking, from 50 to nearly 100 people; new product line Realtek series PS1016 PS1024 PS1016G PS1024G stars such products, Broadcom platforms 16 and 24 Fast and Gigabit PoE Switch (PS2016G PS2024G) and other specialty products, rich, timely introduction DF5700 series of dedicated Gigabit security products; proposed transmission security, wireless coverage, cafes Gigabit three overall solutions.

       Fengrunda proposed formally Fengrunda corporate vision at 2015 : To become both wired and wireless transmission equipment in the field of world-class brands, focus on the field of wired and wireless devices, rich, according to the longitudinal development of horizontal integration of the development of ideas, rich up on the selected strategic growth, dare to Sword, the courage to implement saturation bombing of the rich while adhering to the core values of the same premise, keeping the core and stimulate progress, our dreams and visions departure.     

      Finally Looking 2016,Fengrunda  in the domestic and international sales, customer service, research and development efforts and other aspects of innovation and reform presented a series of recommendations,Fengrunda  will achieve leapfrog development in 2016,Fengrudna will have a better future.

       After the end of the speech segment into the awards, from the general manager's office on 2015 annual figures have been advanced recognition and awards, sales for 2015 champion and runner issued a certificate, and give 10 million in cash prizes. Prudent to encourage them to continue their efforts to play an exemplary role in the new year, achieved superior performance.

       Annual meeting, each department has brought different forms, dizzying performances. A combination of domestic Cantata "real Hero " with a wonderful beginning, "do not experience wind and rain, how rainbow" expresses the courage of all the staff Plumper firm belief; General Manager's Office cabaret "flying" dance and Production "Indian dance" in the graceful dance so that everyone enchanted; production solo solo "rain lovers" and the Office of the "silent" excellent singing very impressive; a combination of trade show skit "teaches you flattering" and R & D common performing comic "Fengrunda news broadcast" is Hey turn the audience.

       Program during interspersed also exciting raffle, with a total of 12 three sweepstakes prizes extraction, whipping the climax of the annual meeting, the popular awards Huawei mate8 phone eventually Whispering purchasing and production departments of two employees hands. Company leaders affection interact with employees, exciting raffle, let applause and cheers from the floor has been rippling.

      On New Year's dinner, all staff for  toast for the new year, passed each other New Year greeting, writing brilliant future.

       The annual meeting throughout  successfully concluded in harmony, warmth, passion, fun atmosphere, show the family's joy of Fengrunda. Looking back at 2015, we work together, to struggle together to harvest; Outlook 2016, our goal is the same, confident, look forward to the rich of tomorrow will be more brilliant!

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