Congratulation “RUNDATA” become China security protection industry association member

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       RUNDATA formally joined China security and protection industry association, which has become a member in Jan, 2016. It represent RUNDATA has stepped into a new world and a new level in the security field. Also, it fully prove the china security industry approval and affirmative the brand of “RUNDATA”.

       RUNDATA is focused on the R&D of PoE series products since 2006, PoE switch use the high backplane bandwidth designs, the international top chipset solution, storage&forward mechanism, support full line speed forwarding, not only guarantee the video signal transmission smooth, but also reduce the time and cost of the network surveillance project. Besides, products adopt the green Ethernet technology, to detect the length of cable and work load, automatically adjust the power budget. Under the condition of not reducing the performance and effect, it can reduce the energy consumption effectively and protect environment.

       Since 2006, RUNDATA continuously develop the innovation spirit. On the basis of firmly establish the leading brand in the PoE switch industry, we are continuously expansion and improvement product line. Launched the highest cost-effective and competitive 10G switch series product and wireless series product in the current industry, and get the good comment and  approval from customers . RUNDATA is with the meet and exceed customer requirement for the product and service  as the goal. We have established the office in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Nanjing,Shenyang ect.. more than 20 cities, products covered the nationwide. Besides, we established the branch in Germany,USA,Canada,Russia,United Kingdom, Italy,France ect.. more than 20 countries and area. until now, our product have been applied for the global 120 countries, total 50 million pieces.  Ten years like as one day, RUNDATA has been  unremitting effort to found the great wall of safety for the society.

       China security protection product industry association is founded at Beijing in 1992, they mainly responsibility is to develop the  survey researchment and draft the development planning of the industry, advanced the industry standardization work and the security market construction, training the security company and the professional technical and undertake the other tasks entrusted by government department. It aimed at the long-term health development and peace society making a contribution.

        As a member of China security protection product industry association, RUNDATA has confidence and determination to make better in the PoE field, Ethernet/10G switch industry and the wireless field. We will launch more and better product, not only help the future of the china security protection communication transmission, but also contribute our own strength for a beautiful city life and harmonious society.

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