The First Quality Meeting of Fengrunda Suppliers Started Successfully in 2015

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       The first quality meeting of Fengrunda suppliers started successfully in Fengrunda’s meeting room on 12th Dec, 2015. Quality control department, purchase department and more than 60 suppliers attended the meeting. The general manager assistant Mr. Fang hosted the meeting. The goal was to build supplier team who are in accordance with Fengrunda’s request. 


       First, played video about Fengrunda’s development to show the technical advantage, future, production plan and target to suppliers, in order to increase suppliers’ confidence. Then Fengrunda invited 4 suppliers to make speeches, who cooperated with Fengrunda for long time already. They declared the cooperation relationship with Fengrunda, and confirmed their responsibility and request. 

       The second step, Mr. Fang announced Fengrunda 2016, and reaffirmed the working guidelines and system of QC department and purchase department. Then he announced. This standard was used to inspect material from all sides such as view, model, size, high-voltage test, package, bending. All this highlighted that Fengrunda had the strictest incoming material test.

       Then, Mr. Fang explained the key points of the agreement/purchase contract between Fengrunda and suppliers. He announced, repeated the importance of “Honesty, Openness, Fairness, Not Fraud”, declared “spirit of contract” during cooperation. So the suppliers more clearly their own responsibilities and requirements, and strive to continue to provide more qualified products and service to Fengrunda.

       At the end of the meeting, the general manager of Fengrunda, Mr Feng made a wonderful concluding remarks about the status of development of the company, industry conditions, company advantage, after-sales service, the future prospects. Introduced the new incoming material standard, and explained the standard and request about new cooperation standard. Both sides should be honest, follow the contract, work together to win the market and future. Fengrunda will continue with action interpretation of “Science and technology creates value; Innovation creates future.” 

       RUNDATA is hardly to develop without the supporting and help from suppliers. They work with Fengrunda together, to prove the growth of Fengrunda. It’s not only relationship of partners, but also the deep friendship for many years.

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