August, not the same as "birthday Party"

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       Birthday, is the day we were born, also our annual year old that day. That day, we can eat with family or sing with friends or get along with colleagues.
       August, Rundata for all birthday partners in July and August held a special "Birthday Party", a dozen birthday boys/girls celebrated together, bustling scene.
       Birthday party, birthday are played interactive games together ......

       Each birthday who have sang a song they like ......

       Link the cake, birthday candles together, make a wish, blow out the candles, cut the cake.

       Not only that, the company also prepared a beautiful birthday card for the birthday, so touched by their longevity, they said this is the best time to eat birthday cake, but also flies a most happy birthday.
       Bursts of song, laughter lit, although this is just an ordinary "Birthday Party", but reflects Rundata so friendly care to the staff , allow employees to feel a sense of belonging and warmth of home.

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