Warmly celebrate RUNDATA won the first brand user support

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      No pain, no gain, which is the everlasting truth. It is with this belief, Rundata always growth with diligent and steady. RUNDAT) since 2006, a decade focus has not changed, ten years dream never wavered and over the past decade we have been focused on the PoE fields. Although this decade every step we take is not easy, but you have the way to accompany and support, so we turned it over, and to this day.

       In June 2015, Rundata was invited to participate in the Chinese brand of people voting event organized by HC. Until at 18 o'clock on August 21, which lasted more than two months of investigation and the results of the vote, which shows up Rundata brand has been firmly established. Thank you very much real and objective evaluation of the majority of users as well as continued support, let us at the event got 27,000 votes, won the first Chinese brand security industry event in the storage industry user support transmission rates.

       Rundata sincerely thank our new and old customers have been our concern and support. It is the devotion of your concern and support, we succeeded. I believe that in the coming days, Rundata will go up further PoE better on this road.

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