RUNDATA PoE technology and products shine in the security industry

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        With the security industry from analog to digital surveillance monitor, network HD cameras are increasingly being used in various places to provide people with clear visual experience, at the same time, this experience requires more to the network bandwidth and power cabling aspect.

        Network monitoring is an inevitable social development, and so is the high-definition intelligent security equipment in the industry.  The large HD network camera popularity enables the  PoE switches products that sending power over Ethernet , gradually become the core of high-definition monitor transmission products.  The appearance of PoE switches  solve a range of needs in the surveillance and monitoring industry. For terminal equipment, no need to consider the power wiring problem, just a cable can easily achieve power, which finally realizing less costs, easy control, simplified engineering, system stability.

       In the 2015 fourth public training activities, Organized by one of the sponsor the CPS Chinese Public security , RUNDATA showed, with great enthusiasm, across 11 security heavy city, the majority of contractors and integrators our latest PoE products, meanwhile, RUNDATA introduced in details,  based at a form of "video transmission technology based PoE solution" , the characteristics of PoE products, as well as its role in the security engineering and occupied an important position and actual cases as training materials let our audience a clearer understanding of the PoE product advantages and its role.

        PoE products worked with network cameras in the security industry, with its unique representation, they are gradually recognized in the market by its easy installation, simple configuration, simple network structure, good image quality and so on.  Since the share of network cameras gradually increase,  PoE products, especially the PoE switches have gradually become a high-definition monitor core transmission products. At that training site, RUNDATA products attracted the majority of engineer and integrators friends and onlookers’ close attention.

       Along with the market’s development,  RUNDATA  introduced a variety of rich, high-performance PoE switches.  Such as from the original 4 ports to current24 ports, from the classic Fast to Gigabit speed, all products are constantly in the process of updating and RUNDTA itself is also changing better. RUNDATA produce PoE switches be of excellent performance, good compatibility, no additional wiring, through the network cable it can realize the power and  ensure a steady supply of electricity. easy installation and very flexible, powered devices can move freely, the most important thing is that it largely reduce the construction cost and time.


        RUNDATA PoE switches keep gaining high popularity among the users with excellent performance and stylish appearance of the atmosphere.  Among many security exhibitions and conference malls, our PoE switches, Ethernet switches, wireless AP and other products became the highlight of the whole audience and won the highest praise.


       Since established in 2006, RUNDATA has always focused on development and production of PoE powered devices, with its strong R & D capabilities and innovative technologies, It launched a full range of technology and solutions to promote and expand the PoE products. Especially that our various networking solutions gradually become mainstream programs in the HD network video surveillance systematic projects and wireless AP powered networking applications, getting the confirmations from all walks of life.

        It is self-evident that PoE technology has greatly improved our lives. RUNDATA as being a  professional manufacturer of PoE, we will continue to research and innovation, deepen security market applications, boosting the power of video transmission applications and to provide innovative, high stability, cost-effective products for the mission, provide the most competitive products and high-value solutions to our customers and cooperate partners, strive to achieve more brilliant achievements in the field of transport security, but also try our best to make a modest contribution to the security forces.

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