Rundata trip on March - Climbing YangTai hill

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       Fireworks in March, spring is warm and sunny, with a group of Rundata peers who hold high the banner of mountaineering, sounded the clarion call forward,came to the desirable YangTaiShan which is One of the “ShenZhen eight attractions”.

YangTaishan located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen Shiyan territory, magnificent, beautiful scenery, it is Chinese and foreign tourists and the general public sightseeing, tourism, leisure and fitness destination. We enter the gate area, choose the most beautiful mountain road, set foot on the climbing journey towards our destination - The top of samll YangTaishan. All the way to a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery; fresh air, flowers. Small partners just leave, the mood has long fly miracle.

       Climbing on the way,grotesque and exoric shape、Buzz springs;Flowers bloom,Sightseeing,small partners excited.

       Along the way, everyone in high spirits, catch along the water fender paved winding steps up the stairs, struggling to move forward towards the top of the hill.

       With the increasingly steep ladder, there are many people who seldom exercise climbing pace gradually slowed down, legs like filling the lead-like heavy, can only go rest a paragraph.

       Everyone said less than a destination don't give up, we encourage each other, help each other, all reflect the strength of unity, in the sun  climbing the small YangTaiShan. Mountain breeze blowing blowing, drying the sweat left behind during the climbing.

       Standing at the YangTaiShan seating overlooking the mountain, through the ladder now only a corner of the field of vision, continuous high or low hills undulating all around us. "List of small hills," the beautiful panoramic view of the mountains, which attracted us to take photos, Tired long gone
The mountaineering activities, not only exercise the body, relax the mood, temper the will, but also reflects the company team cohesion and combat effectiveness, demonstrated Rundata going forward, the spirit of the pioneer for optimal and elegant appearance courage, March 5, an ordinary day, because of the mountaineering experience into a memorable weekend.

       After the climbing, we said, will be a better state of mind and full of fighting spirit into the work, not only to conquer the peak of nature, but also to create the peak of ourselves life.

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