Vienna Hotel × hored helps to upgrade the intelligence of boutique chain hotels

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This time, we will share with you the experience site of Vienna Hotel × hored HORED - Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen Longhua Haori store).

Boutique Hotel leader brand - Vienna Hotel

Vienna Hotel Group is the leading brand of large-scale boutique chain hotels in China. The group has 10 sub brands of hotels, more than 2200 hotels and more than 300000 guest rooms nationwide, covering more than 300 large and medium-sized cities, with a membership of 160 million.

Since its establishment in 1993, Viennese Hotel Group has won more than 100 industry honors at home and abroad. In 2017, it has won the annual "top brand index" and "China Hotel Association Hotel market share ranking first".

As one of the flagship hotels of Vienna Hotel Group, Vienna International Hotel (Shenzhen Longhua Haori store) is adjacent to Foxconn Group and Baoneng science and Technology Park, surrounded by RT mart, Tianhong shopping mall, China Resources Wanjia and other shopping centers. It is only 15 minutes' drive away from Qinghu terminal station of MTR line 4, and about 12 km away from Asia's largest passenger transport center (Shenzhen North Station).

The hotel is designed by famous teachers, elegant style, warm and luxurious, showing the European style noble and elegant. The hotel rooms, bath facilities, bedding, etc. are in accordance with the five-star standard, providing you with comfortable, elegant, healthy and safe check-in experience. The hotel has 120 luxury guest rooms.

Vienna Hotel × hored: creating smart boutique rooms

 The hotel rooms adopt the latest hored smart room solution, which is embedded with the full set of hored avatar guest control system. The smart room voice solution is deeply integrated with the intelligent voice robot "tmall genie", so as to realize the multi-dimensional intelligent control mode of "voice + mobile phone wechat" in the guest room, and bring customers a more convenient and comfortable "future hotel" experience.

Not only the mobile phone can open the door with one button, but also the customers only need to say the corresponding voice password, and the lighting, air conditioning, TV, curtain and other equipment in the guest room will be "obedient" and automatically perform the corresponding operation.

The guest room control system of hored smart hotel platform can not only remotely control the switch and voice control of the guest room, but also set various conditions to trigger the linkage, which is the legendary scene custom mode. When you are ready to go to sleep at night, you don't need to turn off the equipment manually one by one, just move your mouth: "tmall genie, I'm going to sleep" You can go to sleep without worry. All devices are automatically turned off and the air conditioner is switched to sleep mode.


Let's take a look at the experience site.

So intelligent technology, and beauty full of star hotels, how can not let people heart?

Hurry to Vienna Hotel (Shenzhen Qinghu Haori store) to open the hored smart room experience and step into the era of "smart hotel"!

Hored smart hotel is willing to be the most sincere partner on the way of Intelligent Hotel upgrading!

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