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As a leading enterprise of wireless passenger control technology in the smart hotel industry, HORED hored's national smart hotel business map is expanding rapidly. Up to now, nearly 100 Hotels with cooperation intention and more than 10 model project hotels have been established. In Lingao County, Hainan Province, there is such a hotel, which perfectly integrates the natural customs of the island with modern intelligent technology. It is called "island smart spirit" - the yelia hotel built by HORED hored.

Yelia hotel is located in Lincheng Town, Lingao County, Hainan Province, which is an excellent tourist city with unique natural scenery and cultural landscape. Yeelia hotel in Lingao County is a boutique theme hotel built by yelia enterprises. It has been committed to creating a more high-end and intelligent accommodation environment for guests and providing better service.


Lincheng town is the political, economic and cultural center of Lingao County. The famous Lingao corner is the landing point of the liberation Hainan sea crossing campaign and the revolutionary traditional education base for teenagers in the whole province. The ten mile long white sand and clear water constitute the moon shaped natural bathing beach with the best water quality in Hainan, and has become a tourist attraction for tourists from far and near.

Yelia hotel is located in the key area of the city center, with beautiful surrounding environment and convenient transportation, so that guests can enjoy the prosperous sceneries of the city center at any time. In addition, it only takes 20 minutes to reach the beautiful Lingao corner scenic spot. In addition, in the quiet and peaceful scenery, you can forget all the troubles. The hotel is from all directions to Lingao for business and play It's the only choice.

Yelia hotel has always been committed to high-end facilities and equipment and high-quality personalized service. This year, in line with the attitude of striving for perfection, it has successfully joined hands with HORED hored and implanted HORED hored smart hotel solutions. Among them, it has built a smart voice room by docking with Baidu smart speaker, adding a smart magic power to the hotel.

When you open the door with your mobile phone or room card, you just plug in the card to get electricity. The warm welcome message brings you the feeling of going home. Then, with the leisure music, you can officially start a holiday trip.

In yelia's smart room, there is already a housekeeper Xiaodu waiting here. It will be your exclusive private voice Butler, which can help you control all the electrical equipment in the room, and can also help you to book hotel services, so that you can enjoy the treatment of Queen / prince from the moment you step into the room. If you want to control something, you don't have to do it at all. You just need to call out "small degree" and say your demand. The service is in place in one step.

In the afternoon when the sea breeze blows, I wake up from my sleep and find that the sun is just right outside. At this time, the command "small, small, open the curtain", accompanied by the slowly activated curtain, "small small, close the air conditioning", "small small, open the TV", so that the sun and leisure programs drive away the fatigue; night falls, sleep quietly, command small, let it open sleep mode for you, curtain, light, TV close together, create the most comfortable for guests Of course, you can also order a small degree to open the wake-up service, so that guests do not miss any important thing.

"Small, small, adjust the air conditioning to 26 degrees", "small small, play a song", "small small, tell a joke", not only these, in fact, Xiaodu knows a lot, but also can chat with you all afternoon.

Yelia smart hotel is about to open, which will not only unveil the intelligent trend of LINGO hotel industry, but also refresh the fashionable level of accommodation and reception of local hotels, and show the wisdom and professionalism of Chinese hotels to distinguished guests from all over the world.

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