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In 2017, only hall 1 is AI. Then the site of the 2019 anexpo is the AI of the whole field, including ISP, transmission, storage, operation and maintenance, and AI has begun to play an effective role.

A video monitoring transmission product and solution enterprise from Shenzhen is also exploring the combination of AI and Poe switch, gateway and other products to realize the management of intelligent transmission equipment. This enterprise is Shenzhen HORED Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HORED").

Since its establishment in 2011, HORED has been focusing on the field of video monitoring and transmission and has been constantly exploring. At present, the company has been able to provide a complete solution from the convergence layer, core layer and cloud management platform.

In the face of the current era of change, as an old brand transmission enterprise, what kind of response will be made, and how to build enterprise moat in the competition of experts like clouds? In the high-end interview studio of CPSE Expo in 2019, Feng Wei, general manager of HORED, was invited by CPS zhongan.com to answer for us live.



Q1: what new things or new products have HORED brought to its customers?

Feng Wei: HORED has put forward three complete solutions for this Expo.

The first is to launch the Apollo cloud platform of smart network. The management mode of switches has always been local management, all management work must be on the local side, connected to our notebook; but in the era of Internet of things and cloud era, HORED is the first in the industry to let all management switches go to the cloud.

At the same time, in this Expo, we also have a major release, a new species of switch, that is, non managed switch on cloud. Non management switch is commonly known as the fool type switch, it can only forward data, nothing else can do. Today, unmanaged switches combine AI intelligence, and they can also go to the cloud.

In other words, we currently focus on the Apollo platform for managed switches, non managed switches and wireless transmission devices. Apollo platform can realize the management of intelligent transmission devices (wired and wireless devices).

Our cloud core functions can be summarized in eight words, including discovery, early warning, management, operation and maintenance. All intelligent devices can be found. The cloud can give early warning of problems and failures in time, and can manage all the devices, which can help us do after-sales service and operation and maintenance.

The second is smart home solutions for foreign markets, which use Amazon's smart speaker experience to control intelligent lighting, curtains and other intelligent equipment.

Third, for the domestic market, this year launched the smart hotel avatar solution. As of October, more than a dozen smart hotel projects have been launched.

In addition to the intelligent control in the room, the company's smart hotel has two major features.

First, wireless passenger control. As a powerful enterprise in the field of wireless transmission, HORED has the confidence and ability to help customers do wireless customer control. At present, many smart hotels still use the traditional RCU scheme. HORED can realize wireless guest control, which is also the direction of future development.

Second, our smart hotel solution has made a lot of innovation in cloud business, and has launched a three in one diversion solution of small program room reservation, small program guest control and small program mall, which brings great gospel to hotel Party A.

Hotel guest control is a high-frequency application scenario, and hotel reservation is relatively low-frequency. Small program mall is also a high-frequency scene for hotel Party A. This high-frequency and low-frequency scenarios promote each other, which can fully bring new marketing methods to the hotel, reduce marketing costs, and help the hotel to reduce its dependence on OTA.


Q2: as an old-fashioned video transmission solution, what is HORED's consideration for layout and transformation in the field of hotel and home furnishing?

Feng Wei: HORED has always been an enterprise that pays more attention to innovation. Since 2017, the company has made strategic planning and upgrading, from products to solutions, from solutions to cloud services. Now the products are red sea, and solutions and cloud services are the future.

HORED itself is an enterprise with data communication gene. With years of accumulation in wired transmission and wireless transmission, HORED has enough confidence to extend its application in the cloud by relying on our data transmission technology in the process of strategic transformation and strategic upgrading.

So we chose two smart + directions, one is smart hotel, the other is smart home. The extended new business and HORED's old business, i.e. smart transmission, are complementary to each other.

Q3: what is the status of the two new businesses?

Feng Wei: as we all know, smart home has been developing for nearly 10 years in China. However, the interconnection of individual devices is not very good. Today, we can see that smart home still has some relatively excellent enterprises in the domestic market, but the number is relatively small, which has a great relationship with the characteristics of the smart home industry.

HORED's overall positioning in smart home is to invest its main energy and direction in foreign markets. In the overall direction of smart home, we propose one-stop OEM of smart home, focusing on supporting and enabling foreign customers and providing customers with overall solutions.

The solutions include cloud platform, app and super gateway, as well as the contents of various parts of the whole smart home, including lighting, air conditioning and so on.

There is another brand that is more active in the foreign market, but its business model is slightly different from that of HORED. They provide cloud service and mobile app, but the single product and gateway are missing. HORED has accumulated in the field of intelligent transmission for many years, which can provide one-stop service from single product to gateway, cloud and app, enabling foreign smart home users.

Smart hotel is a business in an emerging market, and it is also relatively hot. Especially last year, the future hotel of Alibaba and the pit hotel of Baidu have improved the business of smart hotel once and for all.

HORED has great advantages in business, small program, super gateway and technology.

In terms of business operation, HORED has set up a smart hotel business department and has reached strategic cooperation with famous hotel brands all over the country. Of course, HORED will have great innovation in the landing mode of some smart hotels. We expect that the smart hotel business will have a great explosive force in 2020.


Q4: now there are more and more transmission brands. Whether it is switches, gateways or IP, there are many enterprises doing it. How does HORED maintain its core advantages and competitiveness in the transmission business?

Feng Wei: there are many transmission enterprises in hall 9. There should be no less than 20. The transmission equipment is hierarchical, from the access layer, convergence layer, core layer, to the data center, each level has enterprises in different fields.

We often say that the ICT giants Huawei and Huasan are at the top of the industry pyramid, focusing on the core layer and larger data switches.

In the middle layer, we also see some enterprises, and there are more enterprises in the access layer below. Its ICT data communication enterprise classification is relatively obvious, HORED has a profound understanding in the whole field.

In the first few years of its establishment, HORED had more access layer. Since 2015, HORED began to focus on mining the company's core technology and the layout of its future product lines. So far, we have realized from product to solution, that is, our convergence layer, core layer, cloud management platform and switch related super gateway, forming a complete solution

Looking at the market from this perspective, I think hall 9 can open up the whole solution chain, especially the cloud end of the switch and the gateway of the switch. Moreover, our gateway has a relatively large feature. We can identify different switches as long as it supports the standard SNMP protocol, whether it is Huasan, Huawei in China, Cisco in overseas markets, our abo Luo platform and super gateway can be compatible.

Therefore, HORED has been focusing on R & D innovation and technology upgrading for many years. Therefore, we believe that HORED still has sufficient technical ability and relatively strong market operation ability, and can develop well in the Red Sea market of data exchange.


Q5: what's the company's plan for the future in terms of traditional transmission, smart home and smart hotel?

Feng Wei: our three businesses, smart network business, are planned to be bigger and stronger; and smart hotel and smart home are our newly supported businesses, and we plan to achieve 30% of the company's total revenue in three years.

The smart home, smart network and smart hotel cultivated by the company are mutually reinforcing and complementary, which can make the foundation of future development of HORED more solid and its growth speed faster.

Q6: what's your impression of this Expo?

Feng Wei: first, 5g technology, AI technology and cloud technology are all very hot now, but the concept of "frying" with new technologies can't work. The focus is on landing and the application of subdivided scenes. In this Expo, we can see that in terms of the implementation of subdivision scenarios, we have penetrated into various industries, and customized scenario applications have been made according to the specific needs of various industries, which has been greatly improved compared with the past.

Second, the concept of AI was more advanced in last year's Beijing Expo. This year, the concept of cloud is more prominent, that is, the transformation from AI to cloud is faster and stronger,

Third, many enterprises are relatively rational and begin to pay attention to the details of the overall solution.


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