Who is with you and who is fighting! 2018 Fengrunda 2nd Badminton Competition ended successfully

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Although the feathers are light, they can fly.

With the sweaty field, friendship and hard work "feather" you are there.

After fierce competition in the preliminary and finals,

The second badminton competition of Fengrunda 2018 came to an end yesterday.

Editors  found that among our friends,

Hide a lot of badminton masters!

Let us take a look at the bright and brave of all the friends on the field!

After the fierce competition of the participating players, the badminton tournament was successfully closed.

The camera also turned to our awards scene.

I would like to share with you the "Yu" Lin masters who are not missing

Men’s and women’s singles decided to win one champion respectively.

A total of 200 yuan for each person's cash bonus is awarded by Mr. Peng

Through this game, everyone deepened their understanding of each other and promoted their feelings,
Increased cohesiveness, competitors on the field, and comrades in the work!

What we see is not only the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, the courage to fight hard, and the confidence of never giving up!

Let us cheer for the contestants again~~

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