Innovation, Polymerization, and Win-Win | Fengrunda 2018 Wireless New Product Launch Conference and Wireless Distributor Summit Successfully Held

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The 2018 Wireless New Product Launch Conference and Dealer Summit hosted by Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held today at Fengrunda's global headquarters, Shenzhen Baoneng Science&Technology Industrial Park. With the concept of “New IOT, New Transmission, New Ecology, Innovation, Polymerization, and Win-Win”, the summit will continue to innovate and surpass the competition of Fengrunda in the global market, with the strategic development path and industry-leading core technology. The theme of upgrading, highly competitive product system upgrade, 360° brand marketing upgrade and “seven-in-one” customer service support has been launched to maximize the market and brand benefits and promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

Fengrenda industry experts/customer friends gathered at the summit site

Nearly 30 experts from the field and Fengrunda dealers from all over the China gathered together to witness the grand upgrade of Fengrunda's development strategy and the glory of new wireless products.

Seize the commanding heights of the opportunity • Layout the massive market

Fengrunda Feng always expressed his sincere gratitude to the customers and friends on behalf of the company and delivered a speech for the opening of the summit. Mr. Feng pointed out: At present, the security transmission market and the smart home market lack the head brand, the fire safety needs to be upgraded, the smart security market is in the blank market of the second and third tier cities, and the smart home market security system is still in the cultivation stage, in the future 1-2 The year is about to usher in the outbreak of these markets.

Fengrunda Feng delivered a speech

IoT solution provider with data transmission as the core

Fengrunda is a national high-tech enterprise with R&D design and technological innovation as its core. It is in the top three positions in some technical fields, and provides a full range of Internet of Things solutions for enterprises and individual users with data transmission as the core. The business includes three areas: digital communication products, smart home and Internet of Things. The company is based on digital communication products and is facing the rapid development of the smart home industry.

Fengrunda is a high-tech enterprise with a passion for becoming a world-class brand in the field of focus. “Plenty nourishes all things, while intelligent benefits the world at the same time”.

Meeting the market and the industry's leading technical strength

The new height of the market, the new market demand for the times

Subsequently, Fengrunda Manager wang, who has been paying attention to the needs of the wireless market for more than ten years, shared in detail the current wireless market opportunities and wireless development trends. The basic application of wireless application scenarios and wireless scale deployment will push the wireless market into a brand new the height of!

Fengrunda wang manager share

With the application of 802.11AX technology, the market demand is not an upgrade, but a complete subversion. If the previous wireless network is prepared for the home LAN, then 11AX is the beginning of wireless turn to large user access, we are Standing at the cusp of technological innovation in the industry! Then, Manager Wang introduced Fengrunda's new wireless product: 1200M Gigabit Dual Band AP (RD-W268AP).

——RD-W268AP part of the highlights——
Dual Gigabit Ethernet port design;
Multiple SSID management, support for SSID VLAN;
High power design, cover, belt machine can be adjusted;
Support MU-MIMO to realize multi-terminal simultaneous communication;
Regularly restarted, network maintenance is more stable.

In addition, Manager Wang also demonstrated to everyone that Fengrunda switch RUNOS 1.0 new management platform, the performance on the original system increased by 50%.

Fengrunda products are stable and reliable, and the evaluation proves that the industry is leading

Subsequently, Manager Zhang introduced Fengrunda Bridge products to everyone, and introduced the highlights and advantages of the products in hardware and software. Everyone compares the Fengrunda products with the mainstream competitors in the industry, and Fengrunda products wins! In transmission distance, it is generally 50% higher than its peers, with a capacity of 2 times that of its peers. In terms of stability (-40°C extreme environment, performance is still stable). Manager Zhang showed: Fengrunda has continuously innovated in technology, and has introduced richly from automatic ACK, automatic channel, HO-stream and cloud management.

Fengrunda manager zhang introduced the bridge products

Focus on market trends and work together to win the future

The wireless coverage market has ushered in new market opportunities, and Fengrunda has invested heavily in creating the most competitive products in the market. In order to let the agent partner and Feng Runda share the market opportunity, and at the same time, to thank the partners for their support to Feng Runda, specially prepared for the dealer friends who came to the scene to have a special package.

Customer on-site experience fengrunda wireless products

Fengrunda has built a leading technology, product and platform in a focused manner, and promoted with the latest industry ecological concept. 2018 Feng runda continues to change, meet opportunities and challenges, work together with you to create a better future, and connect with unlimited possibilities.

Fengrenda industry experts/customer friends photo

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