Innovative technology, smart to lead the future, the new intelligent experience museum takes you into the era of smart home 2.0

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Technology, make life better

February 9th, 2018

Fengrunda HORED Intelligent Experience Hall

The new headquarters of Fengrunda located in Baoneng Science&Technology Industrial Park

Innovative technology, smart future

Technology, defining future life

Technology, creating quality life

 Smart, giving space a new vitality

As an Internet of Things solution provider with data transmission as its core, Fengrunda HORED is newly built for security transmission.
With the smart home's self-contained experience pavilion, and look forward to a perfect encounter with you.

9F,9B Bldg,Baoneng Science&Technology Industrial Park, the smart life that has been blooming is from Fengrunda HORED Intelligent Experience Hall.

Take your time


Let us join the Fengrunda HORED smart space together.

Open the door!!!

Fengrunda HORED intelligent cloud lock

Fengrunda HORED intelligent cloud lock is of beautiful design and supports various unlocking methods such as fingerprint, password, IC card, remote unlocking, etc.
And can set up linkage between connected home appliances, open the door moment, lighting, curtains, control system synchronization linkage, experience a new smart life scene.

FengrundaHOREDSmart Home Ecosystem


FengrundaHOREDsmart home ecosystem, based on intelligent control, intelligent security, intelligent lighting system products,
Built home
/away from home/get up/sleep/custom scene mode,support APP APPcontrol,remote and other intelligent control, one-click context linkage, support for customization,
And you can set up linkage between connected home appliances, enjoy different lighting atmospheres in different life scenes, and embrace smart life.

Scene experience hall

——Smart curtains——

With smart home, your day is like this:

In the morning when the alarm sounds, the curtains slowly open, and a comfortable sun wakes you up in your sleep.
Greet to a new day.

When you leave your home and get ready to go to work, you can check the weather with one click and the sensor at home turns on.
Other furniture equipment such as air conditioners enters the closed state, and the security system enters the fortified state. At this moment, you can safely go to work.

During work, you can check everything in your home at any time on a smart mobile deviceClearly understand the elderly, children leave home, return home, home security and so on.

——Smart switch panel——

When you are coming home from work, you can remotely turn on the necessary home equipment in your home through the control system.
Let you back home to feel the most comfortable atmosphere.

——Smart kitchen——

When you are dining or entertaining, you can also adjust the mode through mobile devices such as mobile phones, the on/off of the TV, the brightness of the lights, etc.
Enjoy the most enjoyable time. Night depth, intelligently sense your state, regulate lighting, air conditioning, television and other home equipment, Security systems, etc.
let you fall asleep in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

 "I have a house, facing the sea, wearing warm flowers" has always been the life scene of how many people dream.

Fengrunda HORED will make your dreams come true and help you realize your dream life.

——Intelligent security ecosystem——

Fengrunda HORED POE switch, core switch, industrial switch, box switch,
The Apollo cloud platform management system was reloaded to fully build the security transport ecosystem.

——Intelligent Bridge Solution——

Fengrunda HORED wireless bridge, Qualcomm program, product stability more stronger, your ideal choice.

——Smart WiFi ecosystem——

Fengrunda HORED intelligent WIFI ecosystem, making the mobile Internet era convenient and unlimited.

Fengrunda HORED regards the advanced nature and experience as the primary consideration for polishing products, Fengrunda's product ecology,

Internet of Things concept, security transmission, intelligent WIFI, cloud platform and other technologies, the connection is unlimited,

And build a smart home ecosystem including security, lighting, control, smart cloud lock and other global.

 Fengrunda HORED has always insisted on the concept of making customers work and live better, and providing the best service to our customers.

 In a dream home, connect the home appliances and equipment in series through an intelligent system, 
then you only need to interact with your home through smart mobile to know the status of your home, it is the true meaning of smart home life.
Fengrunda HORED Intelligent Experience Museum is looking forward to your visit.

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