Fengrunda moving into a new building丨Do not forget your heart,start again.

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We are all time travelers

Dedicated to finding the most spectacular scenery 

We are all dreamers

Dreaming like never before

We are all Fengrunda

 Always with you

Don’t forget your heart, the new journey continues going on

January 29, 2018

Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd.

Grand Move to Baoneng Science and Technology Industrial Park!

New journey, start again!


Growing up in a big family of Fengrunda

Sweat with passion, burn hot youth

Even though there are myriad hardships and hazards, I am struggling to move forward

We are destined to be a group of career madmen

It will also be alive!

In the future, Fengrunda will continue

With everyone

Don't forget to move forward!

It’s a thorn, a storm!

Go ahead and innovate!

Keep up with the times and make new ones!

The highlights of flowers are harvests and characterizations, and labor is always the original intention.

Fengrunda General Manager Mr Feng and Vice General Manager Ms Peng jointly held the opening ceremony.

In the sacred fireworks, Fengrunda people jointly start a new journey

Fengrunda Feng gave an wonderful speech for the opening ceremony !!!

Mr. Feng looks forward to the future and is full of vigor and enthusiasm. and encourages Fengrunda to create new brilliance in the new starting point, and further develop.

Feng Runda Ms Peng delivered a speech. She expects everyone to cherish the new office environment and write a more astounding chapter of Fengrunda.

We are based on new landmarks, looking forward to new goals, shouldering new missions, opening new journeys, and portraying new and grand blueprints. This is a turning point and a new beginning. New Year's new weather, the prelude has been played, and a more brilliant chapter is expected.

New office space,

New opportunities,

Fengrunda is always brand new,

We also need brand-new you, brand-new Fengrunda

Baoneng Science&Technology Industrial Park Real Map
Fengrundais located 9F,9B Bldg,Baoneng Science&Technology Industrial Park,LongHua, Shenzhen,China
Looking forward to your visit

Looking forward to your visit

Do not forget your heart,start again

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